Happy Friday! It’s snowing out this morning — incredible.

I have been undecided as to what to wear this week for the OOTWW.

Jill, you should definitely start posting your OOTWW’s as well. I’ve started pairing different things in my closet that I never would have thought to put together. It definitely helps shopping IN your closet, and makes you think “I have nothing to wear” Less often. It’s fun doing these each week. I try to go a few weeks without wearing the same exact outfit. :)

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  1. A few weeks without wearing the same outfit? Oh I think I’d fail miserably! haha
    Though, this morning, I’m wearing items that I didn’t buy together and are not the same brand. I felt like i was thinking “outside the box” haha. Do you just have your tripod posted up somewhere and do the self timer, or how do you do it? Maybe I could set it up in my closet…give me some incentive to CLEAN my closet!!

    Nancy says: You’re funny! :P

    At least it keeps me interested in my clothes and try not to buy as much that way. Yeah I have a little box set up on my desk where I lay my point-and-shoot camera.

  2. Again, all week outfits were great. And those boots work everytime! They really make the whole outfit even better.

    PS: Love the necklace you wore on monday and thursday.

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