I love booties

Booties being shoes. Not bums, that is ;)

Well, it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with looking at shoes online.

I still have a pair of Tory Burch flats bookmarked for 6 months that I check on a weekly basis to see if there’s a sale going on. Oh I lust after thee.

Zappo’s now ships to Canada.

$59.95? Not bad, and not as high as my 4″ boots. These are only 2+ ish..

The reviews on this bootie says they’re not 2 inch heels but rather 4 or more! Dang.

Aren’t these mummy-inspired booties cute too? Too bad they’re sold out of my size (8.5).

I also recently found this online store called Urban Og, which are amazingly priced if you just want some inexpensive stylish shoes. Except the shipping to Canada is about $17 per pair. They have some pretty stylin booties as well. I’m wearing a nice sage green dress to my companies Christmas party next month, as well to a wedding when I go home for Christmas. I’m looking for some tan/nude maybe suede booties (like the mummy one’s shown above) to wear to both places.

These are a bit crazy high for me. 4.5″ with a 1″ platform. $24.80 for them though!

Could be cute? $25.20

Guess it’s safe to say I love  booties this season.

What kind of shoes do you wear on a regular basis?
To work I wear fancier shoes than I do on the weekends. As you can tell I’m getting into fancier footwear like booties, boots and heels. I think it’s because I don’t really want to dress up on the weekends and want to relax a bit more with a jeans and a tee.

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  1. I love booties! I just have no idea how to wear them. Its so frustrating!

    I wear flats most of the time. And I’m lucky enough to work in a pretty casual environment, so I have been known to wear sneakers to work sometimes. (But its ok!).

    Nancy says: That’s a good idea for a post on here “How to wear booties”. It’s really easy to be honest. I wear them over skinny pants, and skinny jeans. Or under dress pants or straight legged jeans.

  2. I like wearing heels (2-3″) to work, but try to work flats into the mix so I’m not wearing tall heels on consecutive days too much.

    I have some shnazzy gold flat swith little jewels on the top from Banana Republic (I feel they look more like real shoes/less like slippers). I like those when I wear flats.

    I have some black and brown round-toe pumps from Ann Taylor I picked up wayyy on sale, some round & almond toe Nine west pumps & wedges, and a couple of Target heels/wedges thrown in. Tall boots are a little harder for me because of my calf size, but I have some nice tall black suede heeled boots, and some tall brown faux-leather wedge boots.

    Nancy says: Ooo I’m a huge fan of flats. I’ve been hesitant to wear them lately, since all my pants are way too long and I’m extremely overdue for a trip to the tailors.

  3. Hey!

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