Nautical Nancy

july31-09I felt all nautical at work yesterday at work with the outfit I was wearing. I wanted to wear my score of a deal at Mexx t-shirt yesterday, so I paired it with my white capri’s and haven’t worn my pink $5.99 sandals either. Voila — Nautical Nancy. Fancy dandy. Not too many accessories but I wore my silver armadillo or ant eater necklace (I don’t know what it is?).

Necklace: A hand me down, that I received when I was like 14.
Purse: Nine West (bought at Labels for $34!)
Tee: Navy scoop tee from Mexx ($14.99 w/ 25% off!)
Capris: Mexx
Shoes: Aeropostale ($5.99)

I got up a little bit later than usual today for a weekend. 10:30. Especially since I went to bed somewhat early for a weekend (around midnight). So I immediately popped out of bed and headed straight to the mall because I was craving that kernals popcorn they have in the kiosks.

I stopped into Shoppers Drug Mart and noticed they had a clearance section on the go with basically everything and the kitchen sink. Chocolate bars on sale, a box of super fun colorful 200 straws for $0.34 (hey I love drinking my soda with a straw).

Winners has their summer clearance on the go right now. It’s overwhelming rummaging through the racks and trying to find a gem. So I went over to the sports section once again as the racks there aren’t as packed and crowded with clothes and people that don’t move when you say please — but also  perhaps not on clearance. I only pick out women’s clothes if it’s literally staring at my in front of my face. I rarely buy clothing at winners  (mainly sports wear, purses, sunglasses and maybe shoes) unless it’s popping out or in the front view on a rack. As I was flicking through the clothes I found an awesome nike sports bra that was sorta pricey for Winners at $24.99 but cheaper than what I would get it at The Bay or elsewhere. So I picked it up.


Nice color hey?

It’s finally warming up outside (we have been totally jipped this summer in regards to our warm weather). So I’m going to spend it outside!

[This ‘outfit of the day’ was worn on July 31, 2009.]

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  1. Thanks for the comment Nancy! I graduated from Guelph in 2007, so I was there for about a year when you were. Did you live around the university?

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