Flash Cats!

hahaha. W. T. F.

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  1. the grey one is hilarious. my boyfriend is addicted to looking at lolcats; the positions they get cats in sometimes are so ridiculous.

  2. Where do you find this stuff? LOL
    Oh and I’m in Nfld July 16th-24th (shooting a wedding while I’m home)

  3. ^ Did you already book your flight Christa? AC has a HUGE 1 day sale. $79 each way from Toronto to St. John’s.

    I looked at flights for June 17 – June 22, and return trip would cost me: $261.95, my Mom even offered to book it for me. But unfortunately I can’t take the offer, as I’d only have 1 day vaca left for Christmas, and that’s not just a good idea lol. (Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year.)

    Wait. I think you have to fly before June 30 though. Nevermind, haha scratch everything I wrote :p

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