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Today I woke up really late, unintentionally. I’m talking 12:30! I suppose I must have needed the sleep. When I woke up I was in such a cleaning mood but I can’t exactly clean as much as I want to because most of the stuff that needs to be put away is my boyfriends. Mostly PAPER. I hate paper. There’s piles of paper, receipts, envelopes, printed out sheets in every room in this tiny apartment that we use. So today I tried to tackle that job and sort through it and tell him to sort through my pile to see if he wanted to keep anything, otherwise I’m bringing it to work on Monday to get shredded.

It’s still sitting on the couch.

I don’t feel like making anything for supper, so we’re having left overs. I also had to get out of the house today because I just don’t like being cooped up. I tried to not purchase any Halloween candy (we don’t get trick-or-treaters in the apartment building) for myself, and I did well. I ended up purchasing some birthday cards for family members who’s birthdays are at the end of November, and some wonderful toilet paper on sale (how awesome, right?), . Even though I don’t have to pay for toilet paper anymore (hello freebies/coupons from I still had a few coupons I wanted to use up before they expired.

I present to you, Royale Bathroom Tissue. Originally $8.47, on sale for $4.99 with two $1 coupons = $3.99 each.


Hopefully that’s not the highlight of my entire weekend ;)

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  1. Good Lord……why do they always show pets on the tissue’s ads? In Spain there´s a dog that can´t stop playing with the rolls……lovely…..even if you have to pick up the paper he left all over the place.

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