What I’m wearing: to work (2)


Yesterday I was in a dilemma. I lost all of my work clothes. I had to scrounge up clothing that I wasn’t used to wearing (ie: skirt) and put something presentableaug18 together for work. Thankfully, I had a work shirt already stored at the new place and I came up with this measily outfit.

Earrings: Forever21 (silver balls) $4.80 for a set of 3
Bracelet: Aerie
Shirt: $25~ ish at Ricki’s
Skirt: $25 at a random boutique by my place
Shoes: Ordered in 2007 online from Brown’s Store. Seychelle’s is the brand name.

Outfit #2 (on your right) was chosen after I had found all my summer work clothes and I remembered that I didn’t put together a “outfit of the day” to post here, in a while. So I decided to get a bit more decked out than I usually do and snap a photo. This my friends is what I’m wearing today. I think my outfit is a little too long looking. I have no idea what to wear this pink shirt with. It’s probably not work appropriate as it’s sort of a halter, but I slung on the cheapie white jacket and called it a day. I’d normally just wear this pink thing on it’s own with some short shorts. But we can’t do that for office attire, now can we?

On with the show people… on with the show, right?

Earrings: Forever21 (silver balls) $4.80 for a set of 3 same as yesterday
Necklace: Forever 21 ($6.80)
Shirt: Very expensive, full price at Guess in Toronto two summers ago
Jacket: Costa Blanca (2008)
Capri’s: Mexx
Shoes: Same as yesterday. Boring!

I didn’t want to wear any gladiators with this as I only have two pairs and didn’t want to be too matchy match with the pink gladiators and the other pair are teal…??!


Closeup of the necklace. Pretty ya?

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  1. You look great with the white shorts and jacket, the flower shirt makes you look older than you are. It may be the way you tied your hair what gives me the look of a mature woman.

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