nfflagTen more days until IRONMAN CANADA. Ten more days until I wave my Newfoundland flag around like a lunatic and cheering people on as they haul ass. I had all sorts of plans to make a tank top or t-shirt with “TEAM (Boyf’s last name)” on the back of it. But I fail at being creative lately. I probably shouldn’t say that as I’m a Graphic Designer and being creative is what I do for a living. But, y’know.

Do you know the distance of an Ironman? Well let me inform you on these insane, threatening major details of the race. My boyf will start off (wearing one of those one piece tri suits that look like wrestling outfits) with a 3.86 kilometre swim. Kill me now right? I mean I can’t even swim 350 meters right now — wait wait back it up. I can’t even jog that far continuously without getting wheezy. But that’s why he’s the triathlete and I’m the couch potato soccer player. At the moment he’s trying to decide whether or not to jump in at the start with everyone else all the 2,300 competitors at once in one wave, or wait an extra ten minutes (which, really isn’t that big of a deal on a 13 hour race! Right? Maybe I’m wrong.) and jump in semi-comfortably. After being kicked in the jaw a few times during that dreadful painful swim he then has to go fetch his tri bike (Kuota Kalibur ow ow!) and start peddling for a full 6 straight hours until he finishes the 180.25 kilometre bike ride. Ya. Insane. I’ll probably take a few photos of him hopping on his bike, then go back to the hotel for a NAP! Yes, you heard me correctly. There’s two mountains that he’ll have to climb during the bike course which he’s already talking about, which also worries me quite a bit. Mountains are tough babies. Ah, and after you’ve swam and biked those distances without a pee break? Get ready to … barf your guts up. Apparently it’s ‘the norm’, as your body is pushing itself in ways you couldn’t believe. Imagine running a marathon after all of that? A full 42.2 kilometer run! Ouch.

I’ll happily be cheering from the sidelines. Plus, the fact that I haven’t been west of Ontario, ever. This should be quite the experience. After the race I can’t wait to taste test out some of the winery’s in the Okanagan valley. I’ll be bringing my laptop as I‘m too addicted to leave it home we’ll probably need it to scope out some hotels while we’re there.

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  1. I freaking don’t know how he does it! LOL. This is SICK!!!!!

    Has he been doing this for years now (like, training?).

    Well good luck :) I’m sure he’s going to kick some ass!!!!

    PS: Is he from NL too?

  2. Ahh! I agree, that’s nuts!! I can’t imagine running a marathon either, let alone doing one as part of a triathlon! It should at least be super exciting for both of you guys. Sending lots of good luck vibes his way!

  3. He’s been involved with Duathlons (run/bike/run) since ’07 and in ’08 he did a few tri’s and now in ’09 he’s doing nothing but Triathlons. Yep, he’s from NL too.

  4. Please let me show him my biggest admiration and respect, I hope he will be able to cope with the challenge and get the finish line.

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