Definitely making up for lack of posting

Well that was a nice much needed break from blogging! I sure did miss it some days though but vowed to myself to get a good grade on my exam rather than update my blog. So I leave you with quite the length and sometimes too much details of what happened last week. Word count: 1556, it’s like an essay! Well, get ready readers. I’m catching you all up!

As you already know, I found ten bucks on the ground (love my new gold nail polish?)! Came home from work, watched two taped episodes of Intervention from the PVR with my room mate, ate a $0.77 can of sponge bob tomato thing (forgive my lack of description. You guys know what I’m referring to, don’t you?) for supper. It was very nutritious—my BF wouldn’t be proud. Then ran back up to my bedroom  and studied until 11PM (I liked to take breaks and take ridiculous photos of myself, studying). What can I say? I get distracted easily. Must admit, this was late into the studying and was about to give up for the night. A little off topic but… do you like the lighting in my room? I bought new energy saver light bulbs and it makes my room SO bright and when I use my hair dryer in the A.M. it doesn’t dim my lighting.


In pants DESPAIR! I wore my new favorite summer pants (these) from the GAP (on sale too, from $70 to $30) to work on Tuesday, absolutely knowingly the metal clasp thing was loose. Got into work, had to use the ladies room and the damn clasp fell off into my hands as I was unbuttoning them. After I got back to my desk, I panicked and decided to call GAP to see if they’d do anything about it. Thankfully they said I could return or exchange them. So, that I did—mascaraReturned them to the GAP the same night for a full refund. I had only bought the darn pants on May 14. They’re still on sale for $29.99 and I have a 10% off coupon for GAP, so I think I may go in again and re-purchase them if they mark them down. I’ll probably read the fine print of that coupon first.

While I was at work, I received my two MAC eye shadows (separate orders, to get the free mascaras hee hee!), and of course when I came home I had to get my whole stash of mascaras that I got for free with a few purchases online lately and snap a photo before the studying started doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the evening. Woah, seven in total and two of them were full sized! Not bad not bad, especially since I was planning on purchasing a few items from MAC anyway. 7 separate orders to get each one of these. Bad, but hey… at least I’m giving some of them away, right? I’m good for the year now! I don’t think I studied this day at all. I told you I get distracted easily!!! It’s terrible.

Wednesday, ohhh the Wednesday from hell. When I got out of the shower I usually go straight to my bedroom and dry off and get dressed, since I crank the space heater because the darn furnace doesn’t work or something and it’s cold. Always. The landlord is always thinking up excuses as to not visit the house. SO. My curtains were open, as my bedroom is located upstairs, and also conveniently behind a large tree.  What can I say? I like the  morning sunshine. Nobody can ever see me through that window anyway, right? Wrong! As I was stark naked I saw the lawn care guys on the roof hosing off the leaves. I thought they were on the ground! I didn’t hear them right outside my window. I don’t think the guys actually looked in my window and saw me, but I certainly booted for the life of me, across my bedroom to close the curtain. I was  literally shaking and my heart was pounding for a good few minutes afterward. It was awful!  Especially when I walked out of the house they decided to make chit chat with me. I don’t remember what they said, and I don’t really care to know. But they were young, cute guys, and I was just too embarrassed to say hello.

Plus! It was pouring rain which was fine since I wore a rain jacket, but then as soon as I stepped off the second bus to head into work (about 500 meters away + 1 busy street/highway), I decided to literally bolt it as fast as I could to the doors of work. As soon as I got in I looked at my pants and it’s as if I just put my pants on, straight from the washing machine without having the spin cycle going. I was that drenched. It was raining hard during certain “minutes” of my bus ride, but of course there isn’t a spot to hide when you get off the bus and cross the busy highway to get to work. My only option was to get the eff out of the rain asap. lol.

Co–workers responses to me on Wednesday: “Doesn’t this make you want to buy a car right now instead of later?”, “When are you getting your car?”… followed by “So Nance, when are you going to buy a car?” Sorry. I didn’t hear you, can you repeat yourselves a few more times? But you know what. I didn’t let it get to me, or make me angry because I know that soon enough I will be driving a car, not matter how annoying they were being. I’ve been taking public transportation for 3 years, so a little warm summer sprinkle torrential downpour isn’t going to persuade me or have me make my decision any faster. I’m. a. patient. person. Especially if I’m spending that kind of money on something. Lawdy.

(Wow, Wednesday had a lot going on!)

On, Sunday night I discovered that my left molar was sensitive to cold liquids, only on Sunday night and Monday morning though! (Still, I decided it was smart of me to keep my appointment. I don’t like things prolonging and perhaps getting worse. I’m also a worry wart by the way). I phoned the dentist only to find out his office is closed the whole week. Fail. Luckily his answering machine gave a number to a different dentist. I went on Wednesday to see if I had a cavity or just a sensitive tooth, it was neither thankfully. But I still got some bad news. One of my fillings is leaking! How does that happen!? It’s an old filling and it’s silver, and when I smile you can see it on my molar.  It has become more noticeable after I had two teth pulled to make room for my braces in 2006. Since it’s noticeable now, I obviously hate it. Apparently the new fillings are white and the dentists haven’t used silver fillings in “years”. Wow. Good to know. I’ll be calling my regular dentist on Monday and hopefully book an appointment very soon. The fill-in dentist (pun totally intended) told me it’s good I caught it early, otherwise if it started to ache, it could very well turned into a root canal removal. GREAT! The evening was followed up by more studying. I answered all 36 questions by Wednesday, and left it for the night as soon as I answered my last questions.

Study? Study. Study! That’s what I did on Thursday. Re-read the questions, double checked my multiple choice answers, I felt pretty good! But still wasn’t going to submit my answers just yet.
I still have a few questions where I have two answers to, and don’t know the correct one. This calls for some re-reading and going over, and over and over it. I still have until Friday to do the exam. Loaaaaads of time, right! I did some much needed laundry and sorted out clothes to wear for the next work week.  Yes, I’m that organized with my clothes. I hate not knowing what I’m going to wear in the mornings, so instead of pondering for minutes where I could save myself some extra sleep time, I have it ready to go for the wholeeee week. Huzzah.

Skipped the studying, and skipped soccer. Can you believe it? I didn’t intentionally skip my game, I just didn’t have a ride. Boo hoo! I headed over to Boyfriends house after packing up my weekend bag, and cooked us a nasty set of chicken wraps. I have no idea what went wrong but I couldn’t finish my supper.

Boyfriend has his first triathlon of 2009 tomorrow. He definitely needs some crazy carbs in his tummy to keep him going for tomorrow. Plus, it’s supposed to be 10 degrees and windy. Not so great. I’m cooking up a pasta dinner tonight, after spending most of the day at the Farmers Market and running stores. I was looking at purchasing some new runners — Saucony Ride’s, they’re my new faaavv’s. I may actually buy them this weekend. Wee!!!

Well now. That was a mouthful. I have to admit. I don’t have any blogs to catch up on, since I did that on my lunch breaks at work! Hope you all are having a great weekend. Yippee!

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  1. This happened to me a few years ago. That is why I always put at least my bra and panties on before exiting the bathroom!! You poor thing!

  2. So jealous of you scoring FREE MAC stuff ! I actually like those pasta-in-random-shapes in tomato sauce things. Like Shreks and Zoodles. Mmmm, chemicals :)

  3. Oh I bought the exact same pants! Have not worn yet, they are too long for me.
    I also got a cardigan for $16 dollars!
    So jeallous of your MAC collection…

  4. Aw. I wish mine were too long, mine were dangerously the correct length, they may shrink in the wash! I think I’m going to end up purchasing them again regardless. If they have my size…

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