Okay. I’ve got an appointment for tomorrow with the dentist as I mentioned in my previous post as to why. Also the previous post was super long. So in case you don’t want to read it, I have a leaky filling. Of course, when I heard the words out of the dentist mouth: “replacement of silver filling” my tooth automatically stops hurting! Instead, the other side of my mouth is a dull yet mild ache. Silly subconscious brain. So in lieu of having my gum’s being numbed (not sure if they’re actually going to do this tomorrow or not) I’ve decided to crack open a new box of Crest White Strips. Since I’ve got two boxes which expire next May (which really is a long ways away, but still — you can’t use them that often!) I decided to whiten my teeth for the dentist. I think my teeth are pretty sensitive to these white strips, and apparently they’re banned in the UK (for obvious reasons. It can’t be that great for your enamel). But I asked the dental hygienist and she seemed to O–K it for my usage.

I don’t even know why I’m using the crest white strips. I vitrually got them for free with the coupons ontop of a sale at one point. Family and friends have always commented on my naturally white teeth before I even used them. I guess I like even a brighter than average smile, I suppose. I’m pretty happy about getting my filling replaced. It’s pretty embarassing since it’s huge and when I smile you can really notice it now that my teeth are straight. It used to be behind my other molar which got pulled out due to over crowding pre–braces. Now? It’s noticeable. Blessing in diguise I say!

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  1. Wow, well good luck with the whole ordeal, doesn’t sound like fun but it will definitly make things more comfortable for you in the long run.

    I tried using white trips a while back, I could only handle them for about 5 minutes. I drooled so much while I was wearing them that they pretty much slid off my teeth. I know a few people this happened to. I’ve been thinking about getting the kind you paint on with the brush. Looks kind of like a white out brush.

  2. Good luck with the dentist! I am so terrified of them…I had to stop using white strips because they hurt my teeth like a mofo. However, I think you’re pretty lucky that they don’t cause that: white teeth looks so pretty. I wonder if they got banned in the UK because people were using them way too much or something like that.

  3. Good luck at the dentist!! I HATE going to the dentist… I’m not sure why but I just hate it.

    Every time I try to whiten my teeth – I fail since I forget after a week or so. I agree about being sensitive to the strips… it tingles/tickles and makes me cringe!

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