Am I turning into one?

Is it a brick workout when there’s a 45 minute break in between? I didn’t think so. I plan on doing spin class at the gym (they’ll have the stationary bikes outside today!!), and then 45 minutes after that class ends, the running group will start up again. I’m excited to see everyone’s faces and go for longer runs. I haven’t ran since Monday so I’m pumped up and ready to go!

Some people who read this blog may be confused when I use the term Brick Workout. When training for a triathlon (not that I am), you wouldn’t just bike one day and run the next. You need to see how well you can put together a bike ride and immediately after go on a run.  It’s challenging as running after biking makes your legs feel super heavy and thus the term making them feel like bricks: all heavy like. I’m excited to see how my legs adjust, but then again — as I mentioned a 45 minute break doesn’t really make it a brick workout.

Maybe I’m turning into a triathlete!? :x

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  1. One of my LEAST favorite things is running after biking. It is so hard right there at first…100% agree that bricks is the only accurate way to describe how your legs feel!!

  2. Running after biking is SUCH a challenge. My legs usually don’t feel like bricks.. Usually they feel like Jell-o!

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