Yacht club memories

I’m not a huge fan of the band Motley Crue, but when the Ninteys Nooner came on from the Toronto radio station in my car driving to work the other day (a tad bit off topic but gosh I really dislike Josie’s man-voice), it brought back some memories of being at the Yacht Club  with my parents and my other relatives and the Yacht Tenders. My Uncle had a Yacht which he bought in the eighties and they named the boat Motley Crew, a play on the band of course. There were even rugby shirts made, white and red striped. Very nice quality and I totally wore “mine” (I’m not sure who really owned it) all the time.

I have odd memories of that boat. I also remember the yacht had a little dinghy attached to the side of the boat. I don’t remember the color of it though. I suppose that doesn’t really matter now does it. lol.

I was always afraid to get on the boat from the dock and onto the boat itself. I HATED jumping onto it for fear of falling in. I don’t remember being on the Yacht all that often, but I do remember “driving” the big honkin’ thing and even have a photo to show you.

Yes, that’s me — no that is not my brother. Yes I had a boy hair cut. No I will never cut my hair short ever again.

My Uncle since passed in 2001 and my Aunt sold the boat shortly there after.We joked that he didn’t want to turn 70 and he passed away suddenly, days before his 70th.

He’s one man I often think of, very fondly of and looked up to. He was my Dad’s brother and was his best friend. Sometimes I catch myself saying “Let’s go to Aunt so-in-so and Uncle here’s-his-name’s house” instead of just Aunt so-in-so.

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  1. I’m glad you have such fond memories of your uncle. My grandfather passed last year and sometimes I’ll catch myself having a memory and just…cry. It is hard. I don’t think about it a lot but when I do I just miss him so much. It is nice to have the memories, isn’t it? :)

  2. This is a lovely post! I’ve always begged my parents to get a boat, we never lived far from water when I was living at home. But then today, I saw someone at the gas station filling up his boat and almost had a heart attack for him. Gas prices are soooo ridiculous right now.

  3. I loooove boating! I wish I had one of my own. I grew up on the same block as the ocean, so it was an unavoidable interest ;) I’m so sorry about your uncle’s passing, but at least you enjoyed your time with him.

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