OOTWW – featuring Julie!


I have a co-worker OOTD for you guys today. Everyone… meet Julie! Both of us were super excited that she is being featured on my blog today. Write her little love notes in the comments, because she’s totally going to check them and squeal. It would make our week! haha

Yeah, that’s my messy office. It needs to be cleaned. Okay, onto her outfit info:

Vest: Bianca Nigard
Tank: Mackenzie
Skirt: Point Zero
Adorable strappy wedges: Wild Diva
Everything but the shoes were purchased at Josie’s Fashion in Wiarton (wherever that is).

Onto my OOTWW:

Outfits come together like a flukey fashion. I knew I wanted to wear my H&M blazer and when I was folding up tank tops I noticed I hadn’t worn my brown A&F one in ages, and I put the two together, they matched so I’m like – great, put some pants with it and wedges and I’ve got myself an outfit.

It definitely came in handy on Tuesday, having the outfits laid out when I got ready (showered, dressed etc)  in <20 minutes since I got lost in Mississauga earlier that morning.

Also, don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel. You can see me in 3D there. Wowwwww.

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  1. What I like about these outfits (besides the fact that they’re fabulous!), so that they’re items from CANADIAN stores! I love that when I see “Joe Fresh” (the white pants) that I can find them! So many blogs feature American stores; which are great, but doesn’t help me very much!

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