Keeping ontop of things

Keeping on top of things I’m going to the grocery store to pick up some items that I missed on Friday. I just wanted to do out a list to keep everything in order, or just to keep track of things in case I want to make my own trail mix again.

Wow. We have a lot of trail mix nuts/sweets. I bought a bit too much at Bulk Barn and over spent a wee bit, and I’m pretty sure that we have enough snacks for literally three months. It’s a bit ridiculous to be honest. At least it won’t go bad?

I made a list, so that I don’t end up buying unnecessary grocery items that will eventually be wasted by sitting in the fridge too long, because I’m too lazy to cook. If I have a meal plan, I don’t get lazy because I know exactly what’s for supper.

My Grocery List:

Bulk Barn
(all the nuts are for making trail mixes to bring to work the next week)
Mini M&M’s
Icy Squares (lol)
Sunflower seeds
Chocolate Chips
(to put in trail mix and maybe banana bread too?)
Baking soda

Bread pan (going to make banana bread again)

nutsI obviously grocery shopped on Friday (in the POURING rain) which is okay. Because some man commented to me that “Yep. You’re going to have to brave the rain”, with me pushing my shopping cart to my car. I didn’t even care actually. Because I remember how gruesome it was waiting for the bus, standing in puddles and getting splashed by cars, and just being completely miserable. So, I walked to my car in the pouring rain with not exactly a smile on my face but just content that I’m getting in a CAR.

Crossing off the stuff because I bought it already.

Grocery Store
apples (bought some Honey Crisp because I know that you, and you enjoy them and I wanted to try them out!)
potatoes (10lb bag for $2.99!)
pad thai noodles
pad thai sauce

canned mushrooms
meatballs (blue menu)
angus burgers (blue menu brand = ♥)

Milk (it’s so much cheaper at walmart)
And I’ll also go through my coupons to see if I can get some freebies this week.

The Meal Plan:
SUN: Pork stir fry (recipe)
MON: Roast chicken with veggies! (picking up either a half or full cooked chicken at the grocery on this day)
TUE: Tusan sandwich (this hasn’t made it to the recipe section at all, because it’s quite boring really…)
WED: Gemeli (basically noodles, cheese and sauce)
THU: Chicken breasts, broccoli and garlic potatoes
FRI: Spaghetti and meat balls
SAT: Asparagus wrapped in chicken (recipe)
SUN: Chicken pad thai (recipe)

Wow. We really eat a lot of pasta, and chicken. Oh well! It’s yums in my tum.

I mean, I don’t exactly stick to the meal plan like glue. Randomly my Boyfriend or I may suggest something that we haven’t had in a while, and I’ll make that instead. For example, he hates taco’s and I couldn’t wait to eat them. But since he feels as if he gets sick every time he eats them, for one night last week I didn’t made them, I made a penne pasta bake and had taco’s the next night heh heh…

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