Leftovers don’t have to be bland

I hope everyone had a good Wednesday! Usually I write up my blog posts in the morning and push them live right after. But this week seems to be really busy. With all of the giveaways happening, and the biggest day of the year at work (yesterday) it’s just madness! In a good way. I don’t set up things in advance, but I really should’ve done so this week.

I just got home from picking up a few groceries and decided to skip CrossFit tonight since I’m starving and just have zero time. Thankfully I had my meal plan stuck to the fridge so I know what’s cookin’ this week. I don’t always follow through with what I had planned. In fact, tonight’s dinner is going to be left overs. Groan.

I actually really hate having left overs and don’t mind cooking each night. But since I knew today was going to be extra busy I thought ahead of time last night, and made extra chicken for us. Ahh, smart thinkin’ hey?

Tonight I’m having a good ol’ fashion sandwich made with Dempsters bread.

Shown in the photo above:

  • Dempsters Whole Wheat bread
  • Fresh cooked Chicken breasts (from those individual Maple Leaf “Portions”)
  • Chef Robert’s Roasted Red Pepper Aoili that I picked up from a gourmet health food store
  • Mozza + Provolone cheese
  • Tomatoes
  • Maple Leaf bacon
  • Spinach

Everything was cut up the night before since I knew I would be short of time. Then it was time to take the photos for the blog!

Isn’t this picture hilarious? It’s like the sandwich is doomed. Why is the background so dark? I know we have brown kitchen walls and all, but still.

Photos had to happen quickly, because we were both starving. I know the crumbs kind of take away from the photos, but that’s all you can do when your tummy is growlin’ to feed it.

Looks good hey? It was gone in 1.3 minutes flat. Just so you guys don’t feel left out, I’m going to include you in a sweet giveaway thanks to Maple Leaf Canada.

I have 10 free Canadian Bread product coupons for two lucky Canadians to win (five “free product” coupons per person). Be sure to use the coupons up quick as they expire on December 31, 2012.

Use the rafflecopter form below to enter! Contest is open to CANADIANS ONLY.

You can find Dempsters on Twitter, and Facebook too.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am a member of the MLF Connects program. As part of my participation in this program I have received compensation, however all opinions in place and ideas on this blog are my own.

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Why not coupon?

Everyone loves to save money and now it is easier than ever. Whether you are looking to save money on your weekly grocery shop or on that special, romantic weekend away, there is a coupon code to help you out.

People use coupons for lots of different reasons: to make sure you can put a decent meal on the table every night; to afford to take the family away for a week; to get a better product or experience without paying the extra while others use the money they saved over the year to treat themselves. I could go on but at the end of the day, people use coupons to keep a little bit more money in their pockets. 

There is a perception that you have to change your shopping behaviour to make the most of the savings available. It is, quite simply, a myth. The range of discounts that are out there include major brands across all sectors so there is no need to do anything different, other than just spending 30 seconds getting the coupon codes from a central online resource. If you go to the extent of costing out each second of your day, couponing is actually a good investment…if you use the correct resources! Saving $1 on a weekly grocery shop after having spent 1 hour looking probably isn’t worth it, but what if it takes less than 30 seconds? Is it worth it then? That’s effectively a wage of $120 an hour which isn’t bad in anyone’s books, so you might as well write it in your bank account books!

‘Couponing’ doesn’t have to be a frustrating, time-consuming, obsessive habit with limited gains; it can be the reason for that weekend away.  So I will leave you with one thought and that is this… it just makes sense.

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How I Style… + GIVEAWAY!

How I Style… edition 11, moses!

Last week you saw how I styled my favorite brown cardigans. This week isn’t much different. It’s how I style beige cardigans! Ha.There’s a lot. Again.

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ANOTHER surprise giveaway for you guys today! I didn’t realize that Tropicana wanted me to publish my blog post before the end of January so here I am trying to get this together for you guys. My coupons haven’t arrived in the mail yet—they’re getting sent in from the United States. But I wanted to post the giveaway up so you guys can be eligible to win a $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Cards by Spa Week.

I also wanted to mention the new juice that came out which is called Trop50. It has 50% less sugar and calories with no artificial sweeteners. You can even get a coupon code for $1.00 off Trop50 and enter a  sweepstakes  for a $1000 gift card (no purchase necessary). You just have to tell them what your New Years resolution was. It ends today though, so hurry on over and see Official Rules for details.

What is Trop50?

The reason I had no trouble posting the giveaway is that I remember trying the Trop50 juice out back in August when I was in San Diego for BlogHer, not that you guys would be getting it – the winner remember will get a $50 gift card to Spa Week. Back to Trop50: It was refreshing, and I remember drinking the pink flavored one which is appropriately called pink lemonade.

1 Winner will be chosen for the $50 gift card, and it’s only open to residents of the USA. Enter below:  

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