Come help me find @EqualCanada at Walmart! #CBias

Good morning! I’ve decided to take you all on a journey of our weekly grocery shop, and how I make lists to keep sane.

My boyfriend and I normally grocery shop at the grocery store or Walmart once a week. This time we decided to go to Walmart because of all the deals we spotted on their online flyer. But before we head out, I make a list of what we’ll be eating for dinner that week, and what coupons we need to use up before they expire.

This list honestly saves so much time trying to come up with ideas when I’m tired from coming back from CrossFit, or just right after work, and especially when I’m not feeling up to coming up with creative ideas for supper. The meat is always thawed in the fridge the night before so it’s less work.

The menu plan comes from searching for bargains online and Walmart had a ton of sales this weekend, so that’s where I got all of our supper ideas from. Onto the grocery list. 

Mitt scrubber isn’t usually on my grocery list, but I wanted a mitt to exfoliate my skin when I do my self tans. Hee hee.

We then headed out to Walmart at about 9:30pm—we have our routine so down pat we always know what time to hit up the stores. We like going to Walmart later at night since it’s not busy with a ton of weekly shoppers.

First thing we do is look through the flyer. Even though we’ve already looked through it online before leaving. It’s just nice to take one to cart around with us, for when something pops up that we were needing.

Sneak peak of what we buy for the week.Can you spot the coupons? I ended up getting those Corn Pops cereal for $0.47 with the coupons we had, plus the Charmin I had two free coupons.

By the end of our shopping trip the cart got way fuller than we expected. But there was still one item missing. The Equal canister for baking with was nowhere to be found.

It wasn’t in the baking section of Walmart, nor was the specific kind I was looking for at the Pharmacy section either. See?

We ended up just checking our purchases out and heading to the next available Walmart which was probably about a 15 minute drive away.

Ta-da! At the second  Walmart location, we found the yellow canister of Equal! My boyfriend’s eagle eyes saves the day. It was labeled as $7.97 which was the rollback price. It used to be $9.97.

Score one for us!

Up close and personal with the Equal sweetener. Little #EqualCanada buddy, you were not an easy find! It was difficult to find since they changed the color of the packaging to yellow.The Equal was spotted again in the Pharmacy section next to the protein powders. My boyfriend drinks protein shakes a lot, so I knew this would be an ordeal for him, picking out a new brand to try next.

I bolted towards the patio chairs which are (already!!) out for purchase.

Spying on the Boyfriend. Can you spot him? I even had a great conversation with a woman picking out potted plants for someone’s house-warming present. I think we did a pretty good job picking out one of the plants for her ;)

After we finished our shopping trip we headed home to finally chill out for the night. Since I did a pretty good job using my coupons on Saturday, I had to take a photo of my great finds.

My best deals:
Charmin toilet paper = free with coupon

Carnation Instant Breakfast  $5.97. I had a $1 off coupon.
Rice Krispies squares on sale for $2.00  and I used $2.00 off coupon. All 3 free!
Corn Pops $2.97. I used three $2.50 off coupons = $0.47 each!
Royale Toilet paper was $4.47 and I had a $2 off coupon making it $2.27.
Equal was on rollback from $9.97 to $7.97, so I saved $2.00.

The other stuff shown is some produce, whey protein and two bags of milk and frozen fish which I put away immediately. We have enough meat from our last week’s shopping trip, which chicken and pork were on steep discount.

So, do I buy anything unusual that you wouldn’t normally buy on your grocery shop? What are your must-have’s for a grocery trip? I always love getting fresh bell peppers and bananas. This time I wanted to try out the new brand new Equal canister made for cooking and baking.

You can find out more information about Equal Canada on Twitter, or Equal Canada on Facebook.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias. All opinions are my own.

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Riceworks giveaway!

Guess what? The first time I actually had a Riceworks chip was live at the BlogHer booth down in San Diego just in August.  I picked up my five free bags of Riceworks chips and I got to sample tons of different flavors. I tried to get all five flavors but I went to a few different grocery stores and couldn’t find the Tangy BBQ flavor. Shoot!

They modeled for me, as I took portraits of them. They were nice and quiet for me, which I appreciated. Until I dug in and crunched them all with my teeth. Mmmffchoompghhh.

My boyfriend and I ended up opening up the four different flavors and doing a little taste test over the weekend to see which one we deemed as our favorite.

Left to right: Sweet Chili, Parmesan, Salsa Fresca, Sea Salt

What I had initially thought were going to be my favorites since I’m a plain chip type of gal, I was surprised when the ones I picked out were the bottom of my taste buds favorite list. I actually ended up liking the Salsa Fresca , Sweet Chili, Parm, then Sea Salt. When the taste test was over, I ended up putting the rest of the chips back in the bags, and took the bowl of Salsa Fresca with me to the table and finishing off the bowl. Soo good.

Scotts top faves were “the first three”, he didn’t pick out just one favorite and just said he’d eat them all if he was given them…guys!

We both thought the sea salt was a bit too bland and I suggest it tasted like those rice cakes.

It definitely has some great benefits as Riceworks is made with whole grain brown rice, it’s wheat and gluten free (well “duh” I suppose, since it’s made out of rice). Vegans? Yep, you can eat (some flavors of) these, and it’s also Celiac friendly. If you’re not feeling like eating them directly out of the bag, you can actually cook with Riceworks and make stuff like Salsa Fresca Fajita Salad, or Sweet Chili Inside Out Spring Rolls. Drooling already.

Guess what else?

Looks like Alfie’s on guard of the front door, so nobody steals our Riceworks chips!

I’m going to give away five free bags for you guys as well! What do you think of that? I’m wondering if there should be five separate winners? (one coupon each) or one winner who will get all five bags? What do you think it should be? Leave a suggestion in the comments below. Comments are open, so you can enter as many times as you’d like. But be creative! Tell me what flavors you think Riceworks should make next, or how you’d share them!

Let’s get it started. The quicker we get this giveaway on the go, the quicker these chips will be in your own hands!

Let’s say the contest ends…..ahh, how about next week? Sunday October 2, 2011 at 2pm EST. That’s enough time sure, right? :) Contest is open to residents of Canada and the US of A. Oh yeah.

Good luck!

Pssst. If you can’t wait til next week to see whose won, you can get a $1.00 off coupon on Riceworks website — that is, if you confess your snacking sins.

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Oh my, Lulu

Hey guys! Usually with NaBloPoMo I try to only post once a day to keep all the ideas flowin’ all month long, and I worry that if I post twice in one day (or make that THREE times today), I’ll run out of things to talk about. I’m pretty excited about it all to be honest. Lulu’s clothing is pretty fancy smanchy. I personally love the Look Book they have for a variety of different styles.

But first I want to tell you why I’m talking about Lulu today on this Fashion Friday type of post. I needed to share this awesome coupon with you all from Lulu’s Clothing.

From now until November 12, that’s just 7 more days — they’re offering my readers a 15% off coupon code when you use the code ‘SPIFFY‘. It’s case sensitive so be aware of that if you’re going to purchase anything. This is valid both in the USA and Canada. So please, use this coupon if you’re going to do any shopping for either yourself or even doing a bit of early Christmas shopping :) I mean they’re not that pricey either, so you can go all out. Check out these heels for $31. Cute right?

Look at a few of their images I grabbed from the website.

I kind of want this clutch. It comes in gold too.  Eeee so exciting! Gorgeous clothing, and dresses, and everything in between. Amazing. Lulu’s even has a monstrous sale section as well that includes shoes, dresses, capri’s you name it!

Think you’ll be heading over to do some online shopping in the future or what? Think of me! :)

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