Don’t forget about my other site!

In the mood to use some coupons and save money? Don’t forget that I have a second website “a division of” called Locupleto where I update semi-daily about deals, tips, coupons and sometimes even freebies! Today I blogged about toilet paper lol.

I went home for lunch and snapped this cute picture of puppers. Think he wants some human food?

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I love to save

It’s been a while since I posted any sort of promo codes or coupons on this website — it’s mainly over on my Locupleto savings website (there’s a link in the side bar) which gets updated periodically.

However, since I am in the mood to share some great stuff with you today from a few popular well known stores, I decided to put it on the site that gets the most readers. THIS ONE! :)

As many of you who have been reading my blog for quite some time, know that I often shop online. When I do so, I try my very best to get the best deal and use coupons. For instance, I’ve been eying a few bed sheets at a certain store, so Bed Bath Beyond coupons definitely come in handy as that store can be quite pricey. If you order online, you can get free shipping,  while you save even more money on clearance items. Best of both worlds, yes/yes?

If you’re more of a fixer-upper person and not really into bath things, just try searching on as you can also get Home Depot promotion code to use either online or in store with a print out. is an easy site to navigate, as they update the site regularly to give you the latest deals and coupon codes to choose from! even has a blog where you can get tips on how to say “No” to people, if you just can’t spend the money going out with the girls every weekend, or just simply budgeting!

I know I’ll be making a visit there in the future. I need some new towels. :) Now, where should I buy them from, is the question.

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Self promotion

I usually post one or two semi daily deals over at my Locupleto (coupon clipping, reviews, and tips!) website. Why don’t you check it out some time? I’ll teach you how to score some free toilet paper for life, as long as Giant Tiger keeps re-stocking their shelves with the trial sized 4 -packs, and even how to e-mail companies to request some samples or coupons of your favorite products!

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