OOTD – June 18

Tank: H&M (It was $14, so I bought two!)
Cardigan: Banana Republic (just bought a few weeks ago)
Bermuda shorts: Mexx
Shoes: Nine West. These P.O.S. shoes wore the “toes” out within the first 3 or 4 times that I wore them. I brought them back to the store in Toronto and wanted my money back, but they wouldn’t allow that as I had told them I wore them outside. I should have lied.

Look at the scuff marks on those toes. Okay, you can barely see it. Fancy camera angles in the a.m.! You’ll rarely see me wearing these. I think it’s too bad it ended up that way. They weren’t cheap either!

My hair has a mind of its own today and I don’t care. Oops?

Also I don’t think the shoes go well, but it’s Friday and I don’t think that far ahead on Sunday evenings when I’m picking out my OOTD’s for the week.  But wow I kept it up all week with the OOTD (Outfit Of The Day’s)! Glad so many people are enjoying them. I certainly am!

Germany vs. Serbia world cup soccer game on the go now. Serbia just scored … boo! I never cheer for the underdog. :)

I have another running post coming up this afternoon, stay tuned for that and don’t forget about entering into my lululemon contest.

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  1. Did you really watch on tv the Siberian soccer match? I thought it was Serbia the name of team…..just for laughing. I agree you looked incredible yesterday on the red and black outfit.

    Nancy says: Can you re-word your comment? I don’t know what you mean, Pedro. Yes – I watched the soccer match this morning. It only started at 7:30AM my time.

  2. Sorry if you didn´t catch the little joke, you wrote SIBERIA instead of SERBIA. Siberia is a region of Russia and the team that plays the World Cup is Serbia a region of the old Yugoslavia country. It made me laugh because, to me, Siberia sounds like a region in the middle of …….nowhere, plenty of deported Russian scientifics.

    Nancy says: HAHAHAHAHA!! Whooooooooops.

  3. Oh LOVE this one! I think this is my favorite outfit all week! :)

    Nancy says: I really liked yesterdays OOTD. I think it’s because I had an awesome hair day ha!

  4. I LOVE that tank!! SO CUTE!
    H&M really has some great stuff, don’t they?!? :)

    Nancy says: They do, and it changes so frequently too!

  5. Super cute outfit! I love the tank top. That’s too bad about the shoes, I’ve always loved Nine West and considered them to be really good quality. Bummer.

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