MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Pressed Powder

I have never been a fan of setting powders, especially ones that were white. For instance, I always steered clear of the MAKE UP FOR EVER microfinish powder because I just found it a little messy since it was loose. I’m clumsy. I foresaw myself dropping it on the floor in the mornings, even if there was little holes jabbed into the top to prevent that from happening. That, and I felt that it always gave me a bit of a chalky finish under certain lighting. Jeeze, this doesn’t sound like a very good way to start a review, does it?

Always being honest. You guys know how much I like to be transparent and blunt with you. If I ever used a setting powder, it was Laura Mercier’s mineral pressed powder in a nice yellow tone.

When I had my consult at the MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutique in Valley Fair Mall, I mentioned my concerns to Tobey the make up artist. Low and behold I have been using the product incorrectly the entire time. Gah!


MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Pressed Powder

Either way, I’m sticking to my guns. I’m not going to purchase a loose powdered product, I prefer the solid products in a compact pan. MAKE UP FOR EVER has reinvented their finishing translucent powder and came out with the HD pressed powder. A nice little additive to the new product is that it contains hyaluronic acid. It’s a skin care ingredient that keeps your face hydrated and of course keeps your face from looking dry or patchy.


How to use MAKE UP FOR EVER HD pressed powder

When Tobey used the high definition pressed powder on my face to finish my make up look, I felt like my skin was flawless. I thought it was because she’s the make up artist and could make anyone look good. But I tried it at home, and I can make myself look pretty darn fancy too, if I took the time to apply it correctly. You can’t just swirl the brush around in the product and apply directly to the face. Swirl the brush into the product lightly, then smoosh the bristles either into the back of your hand or the mirror in the compact. Once you see barely any powder residue on the brush, then apply to your face ever so lightly. You don’t need much. I use this little kabuki brush shown above.

Why you should use a setting powder

Using a product like the MAKE UP FOR EVER high definition pressed powder sets your foundation and prevents it from wearing and sliding off your face in an hour or two. The powder gives you a flawless finish. Tobey applied the product on one side of my face and not the other so I could truly see a difference. I’m not easily wow’ed by a product, but this combined with their Face and Body foundation definitely took me back. I’m sold. She also applied it to my under eye concealer, and I’m not normally a fan of this since powders like to creep into the fine lines, but it didn’t — in fact on the side that didn’t have it was sliding off.

How it looks on camera

MUFE-HD-powder-full-faceHere I am, taking a selfie with and without the flash to prove that you this powder doesn’t produce a white cast to your skin on camera.

MUFE-HD-powder-half-faceThen an extreme close up of my face. On the (your) left I applied the HD pressed powder. On the right, bare bones. You can see that the HD powder does look a little more flawless on the skin, right?

While I probably won’t wear this every day since it’s an added step into my already very simple beauty routine, I’ll be wearing it if I know I want my make up to last longer than a few hours.

Find MAKE UP FOR EVER HD pressed powder for $26 USD / $41 CDN at Sephora or MAKE UP FOR EVER boutiques.

Disclaimer, I received the HD pressed powder from MAKE UP FOR EVER. Opinions are my own.

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  1. That’s not bad at all! I really need a finishing powder. I’m SUPER lazy and don’t wear makeup every day but I’ve been blessed with worse skin as an adult than I EVER had as a hormonal teenager :(
    Sheena recently posted..Buying a new car…My Profile

    1. Oh no :( Well, either try the MAKE UP FOR EVER one, or the Laura Mercier. They’re both great. But I probably prefer the yellow-based LM one over MUFE.

  2. I’m with you on the setting powder thoughts. I don’t think I ever really use a stark white setting powder on my clients. But, I have heard great things about this particular brands setting powder. But, I do believe in setting the foundation with a powder since it will help foundation from moving and settling into fine lines (but I normally use powders with colour), so this powder seems great for a person with dry skin especially.
    Lisa recently posted..4 Makeup Trends To Try This SpringMy Profile

    1. I guess the trick is to really get the white powder smooshed up into the kabuki brush before applying it onto the skin. When I did that – that’s when I noticed a difference.

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