Boca Raton Architects and my artistic background

My artistic ability has been engrained into me ever since I was a young kid. I guess I shouldn’t really say engrained since I’ve always had a natural knack for it and loved being artistic. I remember saying in grade school when I was under the age of ten that I’d love to be an artist, or a kindergarden teacher. I’d still love to be a teacher of 5 and 6 year olds, I love kids so much. So maybe when I get bored of my day job, being a Graphic Designer— I’ll eventually go back to school. How can anyone get bored of my job though? I draw pictures all day long ;)

My Father is a retired Architect so I’m positive I get it all from him. He’s so particular about certain things, and has these odd quirks that rubbed off on me. Growing up he used to look at a set of stairs and count them out loud as we were going up. Maybe it was something to do with helping me with my poorest subject: math. Or maybe it was because that’s just how he is. He always counted how high building stories were, when we were outside, or counting windows. I see myself doing the same thing now and it kind of bugs me, because your eyes go wonky after certain floors and you have to re-count. lol.

I used to go with him on outings helping him measure things for homes and buildings he was designing. I loved being his sidekick and using the chalk string marker and pulling the blue string and slapping it against the wall, as he made his pencil marks ever so lightly on the walls.

So it’s no strange thing that I love looking at Architecture, and beautiful homes at that. I love looking at homes all over the world, and I came across Boca Raton architects, who are these Architects located in sunny Florida.

Check out that gorgeous view in the city of Boca Raton. Who made that happen? Darn right if you guessed a talented architect. I’d show you some pieces my Dad designed back home in Newfoundland, but I never did take a photo of one of the buildings in downtown St. John’s. So maybe you’ll have to wait to see that one.

I can’t wait for the point in my life where I can build and customize my own home. Creating your own personal design with an Architect to help you out can really help reflect the personality you want to show in your home. Everything is yours. It’s not the general contractor’s idea. It’s so very exciting to make those drawings truly come alive.

Do you take after your parents in any way? People have always told me that I’m a lot like my Father (quiet … at first, artistic, his body shape …long and lean, lol). How about you?

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