What I carry in my clutch

I don’t always use a clutch, but when I do I use it because I’m annoyed with having to carry around a purse on my shoulder. I want the ease of just carrying something around on my wrist instead of my shoulder, I bring this clutch that I bought online back in 2006 from Banana Republic. I think it worked out well in my favour, since I’ve been using it for 8 years and it still looks pretty great.  must-haves-for-my-clutch

So here is what I bring in my clutch, when I use one.


1. Clutch from Banana Republic // 2. My cell, a BlackBerry Z10 // 3. Cash // 4. ID & Credit Card // 5. Lip balm (the only Prada item I can afford!) // 6. Tampon, hey you never know // 7. Hair tie // 8. Spiffykerms buttons, gotta keep them ready for networking! // 9. Band-aid for those uncomfortable shoes or in case you fall and scrape your knee // 10. Mini bobbi pins (I only use these) // 11. One-time use floss // 12. My keys, in case I ever want to get into my house again // 13. A small pack of gum


Because everyone is different—I polled Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to ask what YOUR must-haves when you carry a clutch. Here’s what you said:

  • Lip gloss. Money. Debt card. License. Phone. @ShesNoAlice
  • Debit card or cash, license, medical cards, phone, lipstick if I’m wearing it that day, hair ties. @Cinda
  • Chapstick, specifically Burt’s bees @mkopp1
  • Gum, wallet, a pen, random lip products..wipes, diapers (yeah, I’m a mom… :P) @KayleeBob
  • Candy corn and a toothpick. Julie R.
  • Credit card/money. ID. Lipgloss. @Nicolah
  • Wallet, red lipstick, cell, mints, keys. @TeamWiking
  • Debit card , license, phone, chapstick, and I unbuckle the handle and put my keys on that. It’s a fossil clutch & I love it! @jennagarza


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  1. YAYYYY I love it that you put my input in hehe I love your clutch! I got a new one recently that has a cross body strap of I want to wear it and has a card slot side then cash side that my phone can fit in, gotta love Kmarts clearance!

  2. I NEED at least 1 pack of Spearamit Orbit and 2 packs of Mint Chocolate Chip Extra Desserts Gum… My wallet, but of course (with ID)… And some lip gloss/chap stick! And then of course my phone :) Oh and a PEN, so I can give my number to some sexy men (get their numbers)?? LOL!

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