I haven’t been feeling well the last week or so. I think it’s due to the weather shift. One minute it’s 12 degrees and misty outside, the next it’s 32 and a scorcher of a day. Anyway, I can’t wait to get rid of this aggressive cough – otherwise I feel grand and dandy – minus the two random days where I actually got sick sick. That’s never fun.

But what’s fun is more OOTDs. Yay. Hope you’re enjoying them like I used to post way back in the day. These pics were from a few weeks ago, but that’s what happens when I’m a tired mama. I don’t get time to post as regularly as I’d like. I’d rather shut everything down (ie: my body lol) when I put bebs down for the night. Anyway too many excuses! Let’s get onto the post:

Alfie will be TEN YEARS OLD in a few days. Can you believe it?

You’re not gonna believe where this sweater is from. I’ll tell you below in the details. I LOVE it. It comes in many colours, but make sure if/when you buy it you have a coupon.

Here Alfie’s in mid-bark because he sees my husband and bebs coming home from a run with the jogging stroller.

The foolish side of me then comes out. Trying to make bebs laugh ;)

Outfit details:
Sunnies: Rayban
Sweater: Old Navy
Belt: American Eagle (circa 2004 or so lol)
Jeans: Articles of Society (one of my faves, find them at Nordstrom!)
Shoes: Lucky Brand (but bought them at TJMaxx!)

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What I carry in my clutch

I don’t always use a clutch, but when I do I use it because I’m annoyed with having to carry around a purse on my shoulder. I want the ease of just carrying something around on my wrist instead of my shoulder, I bring this clutch that I bought online back in 2006 from Banana Republic. I think it worked out well in my favour, since I’ve been using it for 8 years and it still looks pretty great.  must-haves-for-my-clutch

So here is what I bring in my clutch, when I use one.


1. Clutch from Banana Republic // 2. My cell, a BlackBerry Z10 // 3. Cash // 4. ID & Credit Card // 5. Lip balm (the only Prada item I can afford!) // 6. Tampon, hey you never know // 7. Hair tie // 8. Spiffykerms buttons, gotta keep them ready for networking! // 9. Band-aid for those uncomfortable shoes or in case you fall and scrape your knee // 10. Mini bobbi pins (I only use these) // 11. One-time use floss // 12. My keys, in case I ever want to get into my house again // 13. A small pack of gum


Because everyone is different—I polled Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to ask what YOUR must-haves when you carry a clutch. Here’s what you said:

  • Lip gloss. Money. Debt card. License. Phone. @ShesNoAlice
  • Debit card or cash, license, medical cards, phone, lipstick if I’m wearing it that day, hair ties. @Cinda
  • Chapstick, specifically Burt’s bees @mkopp1
  • Gum, wallet, a pen, random lip products..wipes, diapers (yeah, I’m a mom… :P) @KayleeBob
  • Candy corn and a toothpick. Julie R.
  • Credit card/money. ID. Lipgloss. @Nicolah
  • Wallet, red lipstick, cell, mints, keys. @TeamWiking
  • Debit card , license, phone, chapstick, and I unbuckle the handle and put my keys on that. It’s a fossil clutch & I love it! @jennagarza


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Spiffykerms Style

While I don’t post outfits of the work week any more, since I’m not currently working a full time job outside of the home, I have decided to take quick, styled outfits on our kitchen floor to still keep up with the fashion posts on my blog. Follow along on my Instagram or search the hashtag #SpiffykermsStyle :)Maxi skirt, Flip flops, clutchWorkout clothes, Lululemon, Mizuno, Target, Under Armour, NikeOutfit of the day, OOTD, Banana Republic, JC Penny, American Eagle, Tory Burch, Forever 21, Skagen watchWorkout clothes, ootd, workout, Lululemon, Mizuno, Ironman Canada, Ironman, MPG Sport, MPGWhat I wore, OOTD, FashionCrossFit, CrossFit Waterloo, WIW, What I wore, OOTD, Workout, Mizuno, Gap, MPG

What are you wearing today?

Do you prefer to wear pants or skirts/dresses more?

Is this something you’d like to see regularly on the blog? Or would you like me to keep it to Instagram only?

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