Random thoughts

  • Ebay is bad. It makes me SO anxious as to what I’m bidding on that I refresh the auto-matic countdown every few minutes to make sure that I’m still signed in, and I’m still the highest bidder. I don’t want to lose! I hate it when people bid with 14 seconds left, and I can’t re-bid because I’m slow. I hate ebay. Also? Why do my hands sweat?
  • I read a lot of websites that I subscribe to via RSS through gmail subscriptions. I read a lot of websites, but I cannot comment on most of them as they’re usually blocked at my workplace. I often forget what sites I have to visit in the evening, so I can comment – if I’m feeling like a keener, I e-mail myself the URL + comment I want to add lol. So it’s not that I don’t read your website people! I just can’t comment, because my brain is all over the place in the evening and really don’t want to log in!
  • I’m still on my winning streak with another win from Jeanine’s contest! Ow ow, keep’em coming ladiiiies.
  • Occasionally, I break out – rather than going to a dermatologist, I found the best acne treatment at Shoppers Drug Mart. Anything that has Benzoyl Peroxide = works wonders over night!
  • I like it when it rains outside, or when the snow is fresh on the ground, and I look in my rear view mirror, to see my tire marks on the road.
  • I also like stepping on fresh snow, and then turning around, to see the tracks I made.

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  1. I can’t bid on ANYTHING on ebay I have to use the “buy now” feature because its soo stressful for me lol.. the few times I have bid Oh my gosh…. The poor people around me, and my poor “refresh” button.. :x

    Let me know when the gift card arrives in the mail, It should be there by at least Tuesday you aren’t too far from me and I mailed it out Thursday evening!

    Also, congrats on all your winnings you really should go buy a few lotto tickets!: )

  2. Just once have I been able to win a bid on ebay……and i was car 28year old. I refreshed the browser no less than 100 times in the last 5 minutes before the ending. I agree with you…too much stress is not healthy.

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