Photo re-cap weekend.

Picture post re-cap of the weekend! First of all, it’s my AWESOME bosses birthday today. Doubt she reads my blog, or even knows about it. But I wanted to just let that out.

Friday I worked at the other office (and totally took advantage of our full length mirrors. Hey, I don’t have one at home, or at my other office!) which is in the twin-city and about 10km’s away from my house.

outfit-fridayWhen it’s someone’s birthday, the birthday girl/guy brings in treats for all of the staff. The office that I normally work out of is quite small and we neverrrr have birthdays on week days it seems, and even if they do – they don’t bring in treats for us :(

Well, my boss definitely filled our tummy’s with some make-your-own sundae’s! What an awesome thing to do, especially on a gorgeous sunny Friday afternoon. Tons of goodies and toppings.

IMG09309Here’s mine. This may or may not have been my second helping. Chocolate whip cream, skor bits, and caramel sauce! My mouth is watering, and my stomach is hurting just looking at it. P.S. Cherries, fruit and caramel don’t mix well together and doesn’t make the best appetite suppressant review ;)

IMG09311Aerie gave out gift cards which had a $10, $25, or some insane amount of money guaranteed on it, so I ended up spending some on fresh new undies.aerie I LOVE buying underwear and I hardly ever need to do laundry because of it. I should probably purge it however, since I have way too many. But! Here’s my newest editions. Cute huh!?

aerie1The other day I mentioned on Locupleto that I had a gift card that I needed to spend. Well, the boyf and I headed out to a late night supper to Montana’s restaurant and ate ourselves silly. We didn’t even get an appetizer or dessert. It was all you can eat rib night (he had ribs) and I had my famous super large helping of chicken nachos! I think I devoured the whole plate.

In all our glory.

montanas-nmontanas-sNow today was especially different as I rarely drive my car (myself) out of the city. My cousin who sort of lives in Guelph (sometimes Ottawa lol) was around, so puppster and I headed on over to spend the afternoon with her, her new adopted 5 year old Pom/Yorkie called Hagrid! Yes! From Harry Potter :) I didn’t get to take any photos of them together since Hagrid doesn’t like people, but doesn’t mind dogs. It was a bit overwhelming for Alfie I think because he’s totally conked out tired now.

Gotta run to the store and get some essential milk and bread now! Later gators.

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  1. Holy crap, I never knew there was CHOCOLATE whipped cream! Totally going to buy some next weekend. And skor bits are the best, I adore them.

  2. The chocolate whip cream I was weary about at first, because even though I’m a chocolate fan – it has to be good. Know what I’m saying? :P

    It tasted almost like mousse, but at the same time tasted like choc/vanilla soft serve SWIRL. Do you remember those ice creams? Yum. I want to buy my own!

  3. Your outfits are always nicelly put together Nancy. You always known how to add a nice touch like that scarf and those shoes.

    So many delicious stuff on that table. Bet you and co-workers had a great time. All i can say is yummy!

    I’m starting to get addicted to aerie thanks to your posts / links, even though i still haven’t bought anything from them. They are just as cute as VS Pink, specially the boyshorts and briefs. From the ones you got, i really liked the one with lace waistband. Would love to see reviews of those. Underwear is something that every woman never have enough.

    Anyway, it seems you had a fun weekend. I went out with my friends on friday (went clubbing), but saturday plans were destroyed by a heavy rain. Watched some movies today.

    Have a nice week.

  4. Yes last month when they were *not* handing out their gifts. You had to buy something though – and I needed some PJ shorts, so we got a discount + a “surprise value” gift card. They may still have it, you can call your store maybe?

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