Whoa whoa whoaaaa….

I won a secondary prize from when Pamela held her Victoria Secret PINK contest in late January. My prize arrived at work today and I was so pleased to see that I got a little something extra as well. How sweet of her! I opened the package right away and saw a pink tank along with a neat mini-travel case. A big heartfelt THANK YOU, to you Pam!




  • Citrus spray
  • Mini lip balm
  • Body wash
  • Body lotion

What I don’t like about post offices though, is that anyone from the states can mail me a huge heavy package and it’ll cost them all of $4.00 to mail to a completely different country. But when I mail something (like Jordan’s gift) for example, where she is just an hour away it costs $9.00 and change. Imagine if I sent that to California, or Texas for that matter. The Canada Post system here really makes me angry lol.

But yay for prizes, and yay for it being Friday! I’m still wide awake you guys!!

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