It’s close to midnight. I saw the sunrise this morning, and have been awake since 5:50AM with no naps. Why am I still awake?

Canada won another gold in the Olympics. YEEEHH-UHH!

This is what alfie and I do for fun:

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  1. Aww Jen thanks! How are you? Every time you comment I’m wondering how you’re doing and what you’ve been up to. Do you have any sort of website now?

  2. Aww thanks! That’s sweet! I don’t have a blog or anything, but I’m always on Facebook. Do you have one? I have a new boyfriend and am moving to Chicago hopefully soon! Other than that, my life is pretty boring… lol

  3. Ohh!!! He’s so cute! Wow, you’ve trained him really well – kudos to you! We have three dogs – an english bulldog who think she’s ALPHA, a 120 lb. bullmastiff and a german short-haired pointer – and none of them can do anything but sit on command. And that’s only if they’re feeling nice that day; they usually don’t listen, hahah.

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