Weekend in photos

Or rather, Friday night in photos. girls nightIt’s always fun going out for a few hours with these two favorite co-workers of mine. The place we went to only just opened up down the street from my apartment, and I was itching to get there — even if it was a mostly beer served type of pub. (I hate beer lol)

beertown bartenderI don’t know how we managed to get one of the bartenders in a photo with us. But it worked. The staff working there were so friendly lol.. as they would be. Serving girls drinks, workin’ for the tips.

drinking julies champange Stealing a sip of Julie’s disgusting tasting champagne.

january snowfallYesterday I went for my first run since late December with my coach. It was pretty mucky outside, snowing and all. Plus, it was tough running on the snow covered side roads. I ended up doing over 4k, but it was hard.

mec windbreakerPlus I finally got to wear my new MEC windbreaker! I think I wore too many layers (five on top lol) though.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! What did you all do?

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  1. and….. that champagne WAS disgusting, remember he put blue curacao in it attempting to make it taste better, which did not work so well, then i asked for strawberries as a last ditch effort, and he put these mushed up bits of strawberries in it! BWAHAHAH so gross.

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