Rexall Bioderma deal

Pop into your local Rexall and save money on the travel sized version of Bioderma! I rarely step inside a Rexall since there isn’t really one near me, unless I go out of my way and drive a different route home from work. I usually like what they have for sale at that store, so occasionally I pop in.

I’m not sure if this is regular price, or sale. Either way. I stocked up. This isn’t even my regular cleanser anymore. It’s more of a “I can’t use this often since it’s so dang pricy, so I’ll use my Philosophy one for now“.  bioderma-trial-sized

250ml bottle — $22.00
100ml bottle — $6.95 each (cost of $17 if it were 250ml!)

Unfortunately I lost one of these already. Don’t even ask me how. I just got home, too. I had one in my purse and the rest in a reusable baggu bag. bioderma-trial-sized2

I plan on sending one of these down to my sister in law for her birthday next month. It’s the most gentle cleanser, and gets off water proof eye make up like nobodies business. It literally feels like water on your eyes. No irritation whatsoever. Then again the Purity by Philosophy is like that too, just creamier.

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