Something powerful enough to remove layers of mascara

As I get older, I’m more cautious of what makeup I use. What skincare I use. And what I use to take off my makeup at the end of the day.

I want something powerful enough to remove layers of mascara without tugging at my delicate eye area. I don’t want any more wrinkles around there! I’m not afraid to share my secrets for my love of micellar waters, most importantly, the Bioderma one. Although I use it on an almost-daily basis, I don’t tend to talk about it that often. I even included this into my neighbours Mom Basket for her second baby — well, technically the basket was for her.

Bioderma-SensiboHow many of you guys have tried anything from Bioderma? You should! It’s a fantastic brand.

Bioderma-Sensiboh20The Sensibo H20 in the pink bottle is my favourite. It removes makeup perfectly and clearly, but it feels like water on the skin. So weird but so awesome. Americans have caught on that the brand was an excellent source for gentle makeup removing, which is now for sale on Beautylish.

Bioderma-Sensibo-wipesSee older blog posts mentioning Bioderma:

I love working with brands that I’ve bought for years-and-years. It’s clear I love Bioderma.

Disclaimer: Although I was sent the products for review, I still have a HUGE hoarder-like stock-pile of Bioderma in my skincare drawer upstairs. I will keep buying Bioderma until they stop making it. Which, I hope is never? 

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Bioderma for sensitive skin

bioderma-headerI’m all about the Bioderma products for the past couple of years. Their incredibly popular micellar water is still hard to purchase here in the USA, but it’s readily available at stores in Canada. In fact, the micellar waters were included in part of my SpiffyClaus event back in late December.

While I was home from December to mid-February, I received a parcel in the mail from them and only had a chance to try the items out a handful of times (because there wasn’t enough room in my luggage to cart a couple of litres of bath products back to California with me), so I left it with my Mom and she’s been using it ever since. But I can review what I’ve tried, since I had written a few notes down, before leaving Newfoundland! Here we go :)


Bioderma-gelBioderma Atoderm Shower Gel (dry sensitive skin) $19.95 CDN: You can see from the sample I have in my hand, it’s a clear liquid consistency, and has a creamy foam texture when latered onto the skin with your loofa. I loved that it came in a pump bottle, since a lot of shower gels have a squeezey tube you have to fumble with in the shower. It’s a huge 1L container too, so it’s going to last you ages.

lotionBioderma Atoderm PP balm $29.95 CDN: More like a lotion than a thick balm, it was pleasant to apply all over the body after getting a warm shower on a bitter cold Canadian winters day. My skin was still acting up with the whole hive-situation back in Canada, so this was nice and soothing to apply, since it didn’t have a scent and it wasn’t too thick or irritating on my skin.

bioderma-wipesBioderma Sensibo H2o makeup wipes: I’m a huge fan of makeup wipes, and actually went through 2 packages of them while I was home in Newfoundland. They were a bit more dry than I was expecting. And as most of you know I don’t wear a ton of eye makeup or heavy foundation, so this did the job — but I wish they could add a bit more moisture to the wipes.

bioderma-trioBioderma moisturizing stick (damaged and dehydrated lips) $6.95 CDN: I have been buying this lip balm for a couple of years (the bioderma one shown here, and the one from Avene are my two favourite lip balms, ever). I didn’t open this one because I have a few in rotation at the moment, so this one stayed home with my Mom.

If you have sensitive skin, try out Bioderma products since they are hypoallergenic and paraben-free.

Products were sent from Bioderma for review. Opinions are my own. I have been using Bioderma for years prior to working them!

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Rexall Bioderma deal

Pop into your local Rexall and save money on the travel sized version of Bioderma! I rarely step inside a Rexall since there isn’t really one near me, unless I go out of my way and drive a different route home from work. I usually like what they have for sale at that store, so occasionally I pop in.

I’m not sure if this is regular price, or sale. Either way. I stocked up. This isn’t even my regular cleanser anymore. It’s more of a “I can’t use this often since it’s so dang pricy, so I’ll use my Philosophy one for now“.  bioderma-trial-sized

250ml bottle — $22.00
100ml bottle — $6.95 each (cost of $17 if it were 250ml!)

Unfortunately I lost one of these already. Don’t even ask me how. I just got home, too. I had one in my purse and the rest in a reusable baggu bag. bioderma-trial-sized2

I plan on sending one of these down to my sister in law for her birthday next month. It’s the most gentle cleanser, and gets off water proof eye make up like nobodies business. It literally feels like water on your eyes. No irritation whatsoever. Then again the Purity by Philosophy is like that too, just creamier.

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