Nothing much to say here today. I have to work tomorrow but at least it’s not work-work, know what I mean? We’ll be having fun outside. Let’s hope the weather stays good. It’s supposed to hit 29ºC here today. Heckyea!

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  1. 29 degrees? WTF!? It’s been getting pretty chilly here in Ottawa (sometimes, it’s 6 degrees at night!) and it is constantly raining. Feels like NL! Hah. I really like the pants from Weds. and Fri! They fit really well.

  2. Great week. Liked all outfits =]

    All pants you wore this week look beautiful and comfortable. Loved how you added the green cardigan on Monday’s outfit. Also what a cute top on tuesday. Plus that red top from RW&Co always look great, on all ocasions you wore it. (the necklace was a nice touch). To finish, the friday outfit looks perfect for friday’s, very casual.

    Nancy says: I think I felt the MOST dressed up on Friday since I never wear athletic golf shirts with dress pants and heels. We had a function with work, where I had to wear our logo’ed shirt. Plus the heels killed my feet all day :(

  3. That outfit looks great, had no intention of bashing it by saying casual. It just looks perfect for a friday. Do you use heels very often? I avoid as much as possible.. Anyway, loved all outfits. You do look great on all of them.

    Have a nice weekend.

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