Running solo

Last night I went on my second solo run this week, only for the fact that my running schedule was a day off of my running friends. :( I ended up doing most of the race course that is coming up soon. I started out wayyyy too fast and I’m estimating I was doing an 8 minute mile, because I had to stop at minute 6 to gasp for air. That and the fact I was listening to house music with crazy beats that wouldn’t let my body slow down. On my 9k run on Monday I listened to something a bit more subdued — Queens of The Stoneage lol.

I ended up running a 4k loop in 23:49 which estimates out to be a 9:34 (ish) minute mile thanks to the Cool Running Pace Calculator that I always check online. That’s decent, especially since I walked about 5 times during those 4 kilometers! That means that I’m really faster than the 9:34/min/mile, right? Because that’s including the walking times. If I had a fancier running watch, I guess I could tell my proper running time. But I can’t.

Why are Garmins so ugly?

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