Hurricane hits Newfoundland

Hurricane Igor hit my hometown province of Newfoundland yesterday and left thousands without power for more than 24 hours. A few people got on their blackberries around the neighborhood mentioning that everyone was safe.

I didn’t hear back from my family for two whole days (yesterday and today) so I’m not sure if they’re still without power, or why they’re not calling back.

Either way, here is some of the destruction that has been going on. Igor left quite a hefty mark on our little province.

These photos were all grabbed from Twitpic.

There’s a house under these 2 fallen trees (source)



Trees hanging on live wires. (source)


This “crater” used to be the highway!!! (source)


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  1. Thank you for posting this. I have a house in Newfoundland (along with many relatives) and will now contact my relatives to see how they are.

  2. I had no idea that Newfoundland got hurricanes! Glad you are alright!

    Nancy says: I don’t live in Newfoundland any more, and we rarely get Hurricanes, but this one was the worst that my Father that he mentioned he has ever seen. :(

  3. I hope your family and their house is ok.

    I still can vividly remember the night and the aftermath of Hurricane Juan in Nova Scotia 7 years ago! It was crazy!

    Nancy says: thanks. I got a hold of my parents today. House seems to be fine (no flooding) as we are luckily enough to be on a hill. Trees have fallen down in our back yard. Everyone is safe, thankfully.

  4. Wow, that is insane. I’m glad you got a hold of your parents. I would have been so stressed out!!! Those photos are very scary! I am glad everyone is okay in your fam!

  5. I couldn’t believe it when I seen the pictures on CBC and on facebook. Just craziness! I know a few of my friends STILL are without power!

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