Peek into my suitcase

Suitcase is packed and ready to go.

This is my checked luggage that I tweeted a photo of a few days ago.

xmas presentsI’m hoping that airport security won’t want me to open and unwrap all of my tetris-like laid out presents. I think I might cry if they make me unwrap it all. I can see myself now, turning red, kneeling down opening them all up and have tears welled up in my eyes… thinking of all the time I spent wrapping them, listening to Christmas music and drinking hot tea.

Think positive thoughts Nancy. Positive thoughts.

My way around it, is twist-tying the zippers together so when the airport security folk are randomly checking bags, they’ll skip past mine since it’s a hassle to open the curled up twist tie. That, or they’ll whip out a pair of sharp scissors and cut the livin’ daylights out of it. Do they give background check pre employment at easybackgrounds at the airports? They better.

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