Favorite outfits of summer

Favorite outfits I’ve worn all summer long.

Left to right: Grey vneck with skirt |  The “J Crew look-a-like” outfit |  Orange top paired with black shorts |  Grey top, white pants |  Anthro shirt and blue cardi.

I honestly love posting my outfit of the work week as it motivates me to shop my own closet and pair together clothes that I never thought would work, and get into accessorizing more. It’s definitely helpful for someone as clueless as I am about fashion. That and the fact that I got a bunch of FANTASTIC ideas from the wonderful J at J’s Everyday Fashions. I probably need to branch out of flats and into some wedges. I’m going to find it very difficult to layer clothing so it’s not as bulky on me, during the fall and winter. That’s when things get out of hand for me, and I fall off the fashion-wagon. I need help! 

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  1. All of those are great outfits, but i loved that red top + black shorts and the grey top + white pants with a cute belt.

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