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I really like these purses. So much so that I’m considering blowing $500.00 on one. I gotta be honest though. I haven’t even heard of the designer Linea Pelle until today when I found a fashion blog whose (who’s?) purse I adored. Thankfully she linked it!

But it doesn’t exactly work with my budget. In fact, it’s a bit conflicting in that regards since it would cost as much as half a months rent. If I keep up with my paid blogging and rack up the dollars, maybe I’ll treat myself to one of these purses by the time my birthday comes around. But at that point, I’d most likely re-consider as the cost is just too high for my liking.

Now I’ve always said I didn’t like buying plain ol’ black or brown purses — I’m one for buying a colorful purse such as my red or yellow Nine West purses, a crisp white wallet, or even the blue juicy couture wallet I purchased during the summer or even an old salmon colored one I bought at Winners. I don’t own any black or brown ones, and I think it’s time that I invest in one, some day. I definitely wouldn’t pay full price for a purse like that, especially since I’m not all that “fashionable”. I just love purses, clearly Nine West one’s at that since I was scoping out this brown NW purse at the mall back home in Newfoundland, unknowingly to me that I actually blogged about it in a Polyvore entry in November. I hope my Mom is still keeping an eye out at the mall for it to go on sale. Hellooooo Birthday gift!

My yellow Nine West purse I rarely wear anymore as I’ve had it since 2007, and even though it’s not really that long ago, it’s starting to show it’s age and getting all ratty looking. I’m hoping more expensive purses wouldn’t do that? I don’t really know though … if I ever bought a plain leather (not with the stupid “C” logo splattered all about) Coach purse, I’d have to seriously think about researching for an insurance quote. Don’t want to lose that bad boy!

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