Beats me (har har!)

As you all recall, I had my Fitness Assessment last night with a Personal Trainer (it’s free at the gym, every three months), and while it was all fine and dandy — I just hate the fact that they only try to sell you at the very end, to be your Personal Trainer. I was blatantly honest with her and perhaps a bit too brutal, but she deserved it lol (see this is why a lot of females don’t get along with one another — she acts just like a typical one. I’ll get to that in a moment). Anyway, so I told her I don’t see them  benefiting me in any way, as I can push myself in a fitness class and get the same results… for free. I also disliked how when I was asking her questions about my flexibility (my reach was 12 inches) and she  of course had to go in and say: Well… since I’m a gymnast and all this stretch is called the (whatever it was called)… “ [Insert awkward pause here].

Don’t compare myself to you.

I’m not you. I’m not as flexible as a 5 foot nothing gymnast who has a completely different build than I do myself. She’s short and “stocky”, while I’m thin and lean — but don’t confused that with completely fit. She mentioned I should not lose any body fat percentage even though it grew a percent since the last time I had it measured. My boyfriend was correct in telling me that I put on weight a-symmetrically. Meaning my arms are complete twigs, as is the rest of my limbs, but then I have “love handles” that get out of control. I hate them. It doesn’t take me too long to tone up, which is then where I get bored at the gym. If I stop seeing results that means quitting time. Ultimately that sucks.

Apparently my core strength is “great” with 25 sit ups during a timed tick tocking noise I had to move to. 25 was the limit, and I did it with eeeeeease. She asked me if I knew how much I weighed and I estimated 124lbs, because that’s usually what I weigh on the scale at home after I wake up or before I go to bed. Thankfully, I was wrong — 5lbs wrong and I’m not 124 at all, more like 119. Wat wat!. That made me smile … End brag.

Sporting my awesome kicks I got for 40% off in June

During the assessment I had to go on the treadmill (I love the plasma mounts ones they have at the gym) for her to read my V02 oxygen intake, which was supposed to be a 15 minute interval  on the treadmill where I have no control over the speeds (it only goes fast as a brisk walk), while I watch the grade go up and speed go down, and vice versa. Apparently my heart rate hit the highest it could go at 191bpm, and I was only walking. Yes, I can hold a conversation quite fine, I’m not out of breath, or panting or sweating like a pig. My heart rate gets out of control and I should probably have that looked at. But it doesn’t bother me because it’s been like that my whole life. Even when I was walking at the speed of 3.6mph with a zero percent grade, I was in the 100’s with my heart rate. I mean, my resting heart rate is totally fine at a below average of 63 – where average is 65bpm. I just don’t get it. The fitness instructor and my Boyfriend were a bit concerned about that, as they should be. Maybe I should just get it checked out “early”, and see what’s up? Maybe it’s just my nerves since I know I’m being evaluated. I have no idea, but I’m also concerned as to why I hit my maximum heart rate by walking. I wouldn’t want to see how fast it beats when I play soccer all hyped up on adrenaline. Maybe that’s why I have a high metabolism?

It’d be interesting to see what has changed on my next Fitness Assessment, come three months time.

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