Am I fit?

I may look fit, but am I?

The gym I attend offers free Fitness Assessments to track your fitness throughout the months you work out. When I first joined the gym in November 2007, I had a consultation for a full hour where she was measuring my body, as well as my body fat percentage, how flexible I was, then took me onto the treadmill with a heart rate monitor to see how good my endurance was, even if it was just walking — it was at various speeds with hills and then straight away.

Of course, like any female — I didn’t like the number I saw when she told me my body fat percentage. So for the next three months I pushed hard at the gym, doing a couple of classes here and there, but mostly trekking away on the treadmill doing a ton of miles per week. I was successful in some aspects, when I had my second assessment in March 2008. I lost inches off my ass (I thought I had nothing to lose on my butt!) but I lost a mere 0.3% of body fat percentage after brutal amount of torture I endured on the treadmill. Not long after, I quit the gym in May ’08 and didn’t go back.

I notice my body tones up fairly quickly, but I was so bored at the gym just going on the treadmill and doing the occasional strength classes Saturday mornings. But I think mostly, I dreaded the commute to the gym. Now that I have switched branches, I am now in the exact same building as the gym I attended three years ago, in November 2007. I signed up back in the beginning of December and went to a few classes, then came Christmas vacation…

I immediately got back into going to the gym right after my holidays ended. Spin, Strength (weight),  “wave” (a neat fitness machine lol) classes, and many more. I love working up here because it’s hard to walk past the gym and go home, knowingly you’re skipping a class (ahem, I’ve never done that before).

After a few weeks of joining the gym I have finally booked my second first Fitness Assessment for today right after work. It’d be interesting to see how much my body has changed (or stayed the same for that matter), since I initially joined back in oh seven.

I’m looking forward to it. Mainly because right now I’m not playing soccer, I’m not involved with climbing. I’m relying on going to the gym for my fitness and I better make it fun. I’m trying to promise myself to not quit within 6 or 7 months of hard work at the gym.

I’ll let you know how the Fitness Assessment goes! If it doesn’t, maybe I won’t post it at all and just head on over to and complain lol.

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  1. I wish my did that! We get one free one (when they spend most of the hour trying to get you to pay for a personal trainer), and then send you packing. I know exactly what you mean though – I look fit because I am thin, but I am definitely out of shape! Good luck with those numbers and no matter how they come out, don’t let them do anything but motivate you!

  2. I’m happy with myself. Of course i’m not as fit as when i used to play volleyball, but i’m ok with that.

    Hope you like your results anyway. I’m sure you are ok, and i can only imagine how happy you’ll be when you are allowed to play soccer again.

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