Breathing reports are back…

I have been putting off writing about my pulmonary function testing done at the Hospital a while back, mainly for the reason that there was nothing exciting to report. That’s great news right? As soon as I stepped into the room I didn’t notice any treadmills like I assumed there would be. There was just a clear plastic box with enough room for one person to sit down inside. That’s where all the testing was done on me. It wasn’t that exciting, except I had to stop a few times due to the fact that some of the tests were a bit difficult.

Sitting down and doing the breathing test was easy, because I wasn’t exerting myself with exercising. I told the dude that it only happened when I was playing sports. I’m disappointed I couldn’t get to show him how my breathing affects me when I’m running.

It looked just like this (thanks google images!)

I thought I’d be set up like the V02 testing. I even brought my running gear with me :(

The specialist guy, mentioned to me that my breathing was normal, and above average in a few cases. Then he said “You didn’t hear that from me“. I assume it was because he’s not the Doctor (maybe he’d get in trouble for telling me?) looking at the results and the Lung Dr has to review them, then send them back to my family doctor.  Which I presume hasn’t happened because no one has called me back lol. I guess I need to calm the eff down when I’m running then. It is all mental.

See? Not really anything interesting to report, except for the fact that none of that explains why my whole life I have felt the need to yawn while doing strength exercises and difficulty breathing when running. But I’m sure glad the tests came back A+ and that I’m a healthy athlete!

Yay for running!

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  1. Hope the doctors say it’s all normal.

    Still, like i told you before, don’t worry about your time, how fast you are, or anything else, during your running. Just do it to relax.

    You can test yourself at one treadmill. There you can find your pace, so you don’t go over while running.

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