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CSN stores contacted me not too long ago to do another review on either nightstands or anything else that I find on any of their 200 online stores, of my choice.  Of course I can’t tell you what I have picked out because it’ll most likely take a while to pick out something for me to review since there’s an abundance of stores and everything calls to me. Stay tuned for that coming up shortly…

Yesterday I ended up going shopping on my lunch break and bought a faux leather jacket. It was just $40, so I bought it — along with a pair of BCBG black flats which are desperately needed.

I think I steer away from black anything because brown is just more my style.

I am seriously contemplating returning the jacket since I’m not 100% set on it, and it doesn’t fit me like I want it to — fitted in the waist. It’s a bit box, and I mean it’s nice, but just not for me.

The hunt continues for a nice jacket, and a pair of fall/winter ankle/calf high boots!

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  1. I would say return it. If you didn’t liked and doesn’t fit like you want, why keep it anyways?

    By the way, loved the top and the jeans from the 2nd and 3rd pic. What brand are those?

    Nancy says: Oh they’re my new “skinny pants” that I’ve been wearing to work. You can see me wearing them in last weeks OOTWW.

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