Happy Saturday to you all … aaaaaaaaaand now I present to you my friends, my outfit of the work week:

I loved my Tuesday & Wednesday outfit (Plus I had to cover up my bruises shhh). A co-worker complimented me on Wednesday’s outfit, saying I looked as if I stepped out of a J. Crew catalog. Tee hee. What was your favorite? :) Or maybe you’d like to share with the class what you wore this week. Post a link in the comments! I love seeing and getting stealing ideas inspired by other people’s outfits. Friday’s outfit was super lame but I decided not to change it because I was lazy Thursday night and Friday morning I woke up at 6AM to bring my car in to get waxed for 8AM. Plus, it rained all day which almost defeated the purpose, but at least it beads off the car now.

I also really need to clean up that shelf behind me, hey? Getting out of control.

The foundation I’m wearing isn’t sitting well with me. Disappointing. I think I should have just stuck with my drug store brand. I’m so dry all year round it doesn’t matter what I use on my face… at the end of the day (ie: Friday’s picture, which is why it’s blurred) it all turns to poop.

Enough of that… I’m driving up north with the boyf today. Enjoy your weekend!!!

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  1. Hey Nancy!

    I love Tuesday’s outfit (very sophisticated!) and Wednesday’s hair the most from the week. I always have to wear a belt to keep my pants from falling down/gaping at the back so I can’t do the belt over the sweater look, but would love to! Somehow wearing two belts doesn’t make a lot of sense ;O)

    I just got a funky new scarf from Old Navy that I’m hoping to wear as my “necklace” like your scarf on Thursday.

    Have a great weekend!

    Hi Claire :)
    I liked the hairdo on Wed. as well, but I rarely do it like that because my hair never co-operates. At the end of the day I looked like a straggly mess. That’s why I take my OOTD posts in the a.m. haha. Thanks you have a good weekend too!

  2. I’m liking Tuesday and Wednesday’s outfits best! :) I hear you on the skin thing. Right now I’m using an Almay foundation for clear complexions or something like that. It has salicylic acid in it which treats acne. It stays on fairly decent, compared to the last one I was using. I hate foundation but need it unfortunately.

    Nancy says: So I went out to the drug store last night to pick up something with Benzoyle in it and the cosmetic counter lady told me not to use it (even though that was something my Dermo prescribed to me once) – but rather salicylic acid. I applied it last night and all the bumps/blemishes are gone this morning. Now there’s only a bit of redness. Whewf! Benzyole dries you out like NOO other.

  3. Tuesday looks so elegant. Wednesday and Thursday are my favourites too. Add a necklace on the wednesday look to make it every better.

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