What a state

Icing my leg.

It doesn’t look very impressive. But my left leg is still quite annoyingly sore from Sunday’s soccer game. I’m icing it, putting on Arnica cream, massaging it and even stretching. I was hoping I would be able to go on the trail run tonight with the running group, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen. :(

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  1. Quite impressive photos….do you play soccer or rugby?. Did you watch the final game in the world soccher championship? It feels soooo good that Spain is WORLD CHAMPION for the first time ever.

    Nancy says: I play soccer. As soon as it was over I definitely thought of you. I told my boyfriend that a “blog reader of mine” is going to be so happy. Yay Spain!

  2. Ouch! I am sorry honey! Hopefully you feel better asap! Just keep icing it: 20 minutes off 40 minutes off for as many times as you can. Do this for about 72 hours and hopefully that will do the trick! Stupid girl who kicked you…GRRRR!

    Nancy says: Stupid girl indeed. She was probably angry because we were winning, and ended up wanting to get out of net to play defense and hurt me :( lololol. Truthfully, I didn’t think it was that bad of a hit until it just wouldn’t stop hurting when I went home. Hope I’m not out too long, sheesh.

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