9k under the belt!

Last night I wanted to try and run 9k. I know a 3k out-and-back route that I’ve done a couple of times, which I decided to do 1.5 times and walk the 3k home.

I ended up doing 9k in 57:31, which was a bit disappointing since I wanted my 10k to be that number (or less!). By the time 6k came around, I was beat. But then again I was feelin weak at minute 4! There you have it. I ran the 9k with some music and my heavy loud breathing with people staring at me huffing away.

It was starting to get a bit dark when I finished my 9k, which meant that the weather was starting to get cooler. I ended up walking nearly 2k home and ended up racing home the 1.4k that I had left.

In reality though, I am so proud of myself, even if I feel like I’m  being hard on myself :). It was my first long distance ever, and I think I had only ran 8k prior to that once. Between kilometer 7-9 I ended up stopping pretty much on the dot of every 5 minutes and walking a bit. Usually I like to maintain the 10 and 1’s (10 minutes jog, 1 minute walk), but I just decided I needed that break. Maybe next time!

Before and after tee hee :)

I pre-wrote this blog entry prior to work this morning, so I could publish it while I was getting tests done. I’m off to get a pulmonary function test done at the hospital! Deets later.

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  1. You should be proud, yes. Most people would have given up on the minute 4 you mentioned.

    That tee looks does look great on you. And i’m such a sucker for blue colored stuff =P

    Hope your tests are ok.

  2. Running is one of those things that actually feels better after you’ve done it than while doing it (at least to me it is!). Great job on the run :)

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