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My Boyfriend makes a rare featured appearance on my blog today, and for good reason! He recently received a gorgeous watch from The Watch Co. After a lot of deliberation (more on that later) we ended up going for one of the fancy Bulova Watches.

Some beaut, hey? Looks pretty sharp when viewed up close, but never over the top. Bulova really knows how to amp up their watches to make them feel lush. The packaging and the little plush pillow all added to the luxe presentation.

Picking out the watch was a lot easier said and done. Part of the reason is because me and Boyfriend look for slightly different things. I was mostly focused on the appearance, while he was worried about the features. The Watch Co sells so many different makes and models, there is literally a million different varieties of just about everything. If it weren’t for their search function, finding the right watch would be nearly impossible.

Still, picking out a watch without being able to see it on your wrist is no easy task. First off, the pictures just don’t do the watches justice. They are so flat and plain looking, you really have to use your imagination to get an idea of what it is going to look like. Take this watch, for example. Here is a comparison of the watch online and in person. 

As you can tell from the two photos side-by-side, as with anything, buying online is always a bit difficult, but with watches, you really miss out on the lustre and the three dimensional look in the stock images. We were overjoyed to see how great the watch looked in person because we weren’t entirely sure what to expect. Thankfully, the watch was just as beautiful of a piece online, as it was in person. It is probably a good idea to try and find some videos or amateur images on the internet before making such a large purchase to get a better idea of how it’s going to look on your wrist.

The Bulova Chronograph Stainless Watch fits well on the Boyfriend’s wrist here. He really enjoys wearing it and I really like the look of it on him too. What do you guys think of it?

We both thought Bulova was a good choice as they have a good reputation and are a bit less common than some of the other major brands. The Boyfriend wanted something without a battery such that it wouldn’t one day end up in the watch graveyard of watches with dead batteries he never bothered to have replaced. There are a few options here (solar, kinetic, automatic) and we settled on automatic. That means it is like an old fashioned windup watch, but it self winds as you move your wrist!  Neat right? Take it out of the box and just a few moments later you’ll see it ticking away.  The disadvantage is you have to reset the time if you ever let it wind down (a couple of days), but the advantage is it’s a watch for life!  Whenever you want it, it’s ready to go.

One other thing I think was a selling point for my Boyfriend was that you can view the insides (or the guts as I like to call it) of the watch, both through a little window in the front (a partial “skeleton” face, I think you call it) as well as when you flip it over. Again, cool to look at up close but not distracting.  He had to have a few links removed from the strap to fit his wrist, but the end result was perfect.

We were a bit nervous about the size, but this Bulova watch turned out to be perfect for his wrist.  It has a good weight to it (not too light, not too heavy), such that it feels solid but is not distracting.

You can style this watch any way you please, with a plain tee to wear it to work, or fancy things up a bit and wear it with a dress shirt. Definitely a bit dressier than sporty, but still very versatile. He’s been pretty excited ever since it came in the mail, and has been wearing it a few times per week to work. He hadn’t been wearing watches so much lately, but this one is too sharp to leave at home.  Who says you need to always check your phone to tell the time these days? I certainly have my smart phone on me constantly, but when I’m wearing a watch it’s a both a jewelry piece to accessorize an outfit, and also incredibly practical because heck — it’s a watch. You forget how convenient it is to be able to check your wrist rather than fumble for your phone.

If you can brave the many styles, shapes, and colors, The Watch Co no doubt has just what you’re looking for. They have great prices and free shipping on all orders. They have have some other beaut watches that I’ve got my eye on. Seeing as I’m an avid fan of anything to do with Fossil, I’m happy to know that they do sell them on their website as well.  I warn you, watch collecting can be addictive.  My Boyfriend wants to get a Seiko next…


Disclaimer: My Boyfriend and I would love to thank The Watch Co for kindly supplying this Bulova watch for review.

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  1. Hubby has a Bulova watch. Has had it for years and loves it. His is a rectangular, thin one. They are a great make. BF will no doubt get years of wear from his. tell him not to wear himself out with the winding. lol

  2. I’m wearing a Bulova today and everyday and I find that it’s the most satisfactory time keeping machine I’ve ever had . AS they used to say on the radio “On your wrist as on the air , faithful forever” !!

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