Weekend plans anyone?

What are your plans for this evening and this weekend? I haven’t done abullet formed entry in a while, so I’m going to be lazy and do it that way today:

  • Friday: Go see the movie Hurt Locker which received insanely good reviews on rotten tomatoes.
  • Before said movie, think of something to make for supper. Must go to the grocery store, again.
  • Feed room mate’s shortbus cat.
  • Saturday: Check out the two car dealerships for the black Mazda 3’s that seem like a fantastic deal, and try and with hold my excitement.
  • Perhaps to to La Bicicletta in Toronto, with boyfriend and his tri bike before the big BC trip.
  • Head to MEC in Burlington, on the way back from La Bicicletta so boyfriend can maybe get an expensive headlamp for his bike, and IIIII could get some pretty waterbottles, and/or a rain cover for my back pack.
  • Feed room mate’s shortbus cat.
  • Sunday: Wake up early and head to boyfriend’s last triathlon somewhere in Niagara, before the big one in BC.
  • Play soccer at 4PM in Cambridge.
  • Feed room mate’s shortbus cat.
  • Head to Walmart and buy some rubbermaid containers to pack up my place.

Kinda exciting??

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  1. Hey! I haven’t checked out your blog in eons. Just read this entry so far. Noticed you’re also considering a Subaru WRX. I’ve got my heart set on a 2010 4 door (red!) one, but it’s a relatively new development, and would require some money gymnastics and goal setting. I haven’t driven one yet… the new ones aren’t expected in town for a few weeks. Plus I can’t drive a standard yet… that’s something I plan on working on over the next few months. How did you learn? I’m hoping to get a friend to teach me on his vehicle. My family’s all about the automatics it seems.

    Ok, time to read more about you! Later! =)

    PS, Short bus cat… way too funny!

    1. DESIREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I’m so excited you re-found my blog! I really like the 4-door Impreza’s too. Though seeing as Mister Scott has a sedan, I thought it’d be a better dealio to get the hatch in case certain things don’t fit into his car, they’ll definitely fit into my new one with the seats folded down, ya?

      I’m not planning on driving a standard or purchasing one. I actually drove my cousin’s Mazda 3 (sedan) in the past and learned that way. I also took a few night time driving lessons with Young Drivers of Canada in standard. That was very helpful.


  2. This weekend my only plans are to continue wallowing in self pity.

    It should be fun. *snort*

    Enjoy BC! I love it out there.

  3. Uhhh, your weekend sounds MUCH better than mine! See:

    Friday (today)
    – Sleep in
    – Go to university for appt. with prof to talk about an internship, talk to another prof about grad schools (ahhh!)
    – Come back to apt, clean up a bit
    – Work @ SW (EW!!!) 7-11

    – Practice parallel parking again (ahah lameee)
    – Work 5-11 @ SW

    – Work 1-8 @ SW

    ….NOT FUN AT ALL. I hate working on weekends :(

  4. my weekend…
    friday – plans got cancelled so im sitting home
    sat – clean the house during the day and then go to see the ugly truth with my mom
    sun – no idea as of yet.

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