Reunited with my shoes

You know if you find a brand of jeans that you really like, you’ll remember it fdor next time when you’re out on the hunt for some new ones and maybe very well purchase them again?

Have you ever done that with shoes?

I hadn’t considered it until I found my favorite pair of flats a few years back. I bought them on Brown’s Store in Toronto and had them shipped to me. I wore them way too often and failed to realize that Seychelle’s, the makers of the shoe had stopped making them that very same year. I knew this because I wanted a back up pair, and searched the internet for ages looking for “Moment of Truth – Seychelles” it was the style name, and brand name of the shoe. I ended up contacting the company itself and of course found out the news that they’re not longer being made.

(Before and after I cleaned them just a few months ago)

Literally, about 2 weeks ago I just happened to go browsing on Aldo’s website, which I never do because why would I? They have so many stores in the mall I can just walk in and see what they have. Well, I went inside one of the stores at the mall and tried on a pair of black flats that ended up being too small. I was semi-interested in them and went to Aldo’s website and searched for more flats, and found these!!!

They were $100 and there’s no way I’m spending $100 at freakin’ ALDO.

Well, because I’m a shoe-stalking freak I e-mailed myself the link to the shoes and kept checking them each and every day until they went on sale. First the pink-nude version went on sale last week for $69.98. I was all “aww bummer” but then I decided to randomly check (on my nightly routine of checking Aldo’s website) last night and the black one’s ended up being on sale at $69.98 as well! Heck yeah. So of course I whipped out my credit card and paid for them on the spot.

I wonder when they’ll arrive? I’m really excited. Oh, and did you know that if you sign up for Aldo’s e-mailing list you’ll receive a 10% off coupon for signing up? Cheeyah, I know! I got such a good deal! I’m overly excited about this purchase but you don’t understand how long I’ve been waiting for another pair (even though they’re a different color) of these shooooooooooooes. Eeee!

Happy Friday to you all! Outfit of the work week will be posted later tonight if I remember.

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