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I had a bad day a few weeks ago, so my running buddy friend and I took off to the mall after work one day and dropped into Banana Republic (seen in Tuesday’s OOTD). I picked up a cardigan and belt for 40% off, and noticed they had some super cute shiny rings as well. I didn’t end up buying one but it was on my mind often.

Well the other day on my lunch break I went out to BR again and noticed they were having another sale for 30% off. I bought a non-wrinkle dress shirt in charcoal grey… it has a nice sheen to it and the Banana Republic shirts don’t come in sizes like XS, S, Med etc anymore. They come in 0,2,4,6 etc. Thank the lord — because I can now fit into a size and have it look tailored on me rather than just a regular boring shirt.

While I was at the cash register, the rings were popping and sparkling in their little wooden display boxes. So, I picked up this cutie patootie. Simple, kind of wedding-ish, but definitely pretty.

I bought it.

It reminds me of a wedding band. Ahem. Speaking of wedding bands and… engagement rings on Blue Nile’s website. I’d like to have one — size 5 please. Going through some styles online and I picked out a few fav’s because I’m girly like that. Did you know you could build your own? Clearly, I did not. How exciting!!

I like the princess (square diamond) cut, but I don’t like the diamonds sitting inside the white gold. It looks dirty or something.

I like them sitting ontop, but this isn’t princess cut. It’s circle. Circle rings are outdated to me, and I don’t like them. But there are plenty of styles on Blue Nile like: Asscher (hexagon shaped), Radient (rectangle with rounded edges), Princess (square) and Cushion (looks like a cushion but still sort of square lol).

This one screams perfect. I think. Who really knows unless you try it on, right? I think I like a lot of diamonds. Sparkly!! Eye catching. Drool worthy. I love it. Those all above are from Blue Nile, the bottom one’s are from Tiffany & Co. I’m not sure that I’m a fan of Tiffany & Co. because I was told before that the diamond isn’t as good as they can be.. and marked up too much just because it’s a Tiffany ring. Could very well be true/not true. But I don’t know anything about rings. But I know what styles I like!

COVERED in diamonds. Swoon! But $14,000? See what I mean? Why is it the cost of a car? It’s pretty, certainly gorgeous. But I bet you can get this for 14x less elsewhere, right? lol

What does your engagement ring look like, whether you have one or not — design it up and let me see!

Happy Friday the 13th!

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  1. Pretty ring from BR!
    Hopefully an engagement ring is in your future…? You’ll have to drop some hints for your boyfriend :)

    Mine is kind of like this (let’s see if this image link works) –$380_315$&$diam_shape=is{bluenile/main_RD_standard_100}&$diam_position=-15,-70&$ring_position=0,0&$ring_sku=is{bluenile/DM03400100_setmain}&rgn=200,250,1100,1000

    It’s a round brilliant cut diamond in a 6 prong setting with 3 small channel-set diamonds on either side (so the other 2/3 of the band is plain). Instead of being uniform width while looking at it from the top, though, the band tapers a little on each side of the diamond. If you look at it from the side, the band doesn’t go all the way to the diamond, half way up, like many of the blue nile settings; it just looks like a ring with the sort of V-shaped prongs and diamond coming out of it. I guess it is set fairly high? I’ve seen some where it looks like the diamond is hidden in the prongs and it is really low to the band. (That was a little hard, I don’t know if I have described it in detail in writing before). My husband and I picked it out together, he wanted to make sure it was something I’d really like. If you have questions on color, clarity, size, etc. I can look them up. Who knew diamonds were so complicated!?

    I went with channel set of pave because I was afraid I’d lose some of the diamonds with wear. I like that they are a little protected by the edge of the band. That’s the same reason the little diamonds are only on the top part, not all the way around on the underside of the ring.

    If I ever were to want a second ring of some kind… I think the radiant, Ascher, and Emerald cuts are pretty too. Maybe the emerald cut would be better to have for a different kind of stone. I was between round and princess for the engagement ring and went with the round because it seems timeless and I didn’t think I’d get bored with it or regret the choice later on.

    I think I was told somewhere along that way that given a 1 carat diamond, a round cut would have more visible bling than a princess in the same size. I’d have to check measurements somewhere for that though.

    Tiffany rings (and all jewelry) are overpriced because of the name I think.

    Nancy says: Thanks for the comment! Oh, and I have definitely been dropping hints ;) haha

  2. If I was your boyfriend I would rush to buy one of them just in case…….excuse me just joking. I have been selecting an engagement ring once in my life, and I made my mind for one from this designer I must say i wasn’t successful with it but that`s some other story…..maybe next time.

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