Oh weak one!

I have a downfall. While everyone is in debt after the holiday season, I’m out shopping!  Sometimes that’s not really great, because even though I’m getting humongous deals, I spend a lot more—because I’m getting deals. Faill. The best time of year to shop is in late December and also in January though! hee hee. I’m already starting to shop birthday presents late in the year, and Christmas present ideas. Can’t go wrong with budgeting all year long and not being in debt when the holiday season rolls around.

I was going to shop online with IKEA to buy the bed frame that I wrote about and I just think it’s probably smarter right now, if I just save my money and buy something when I can actually go to the store, instead of paying $100 for shipping it to my place. So, thanks for the opinions but le sigh. I will not be purchasing the black/brown IKEA headboard for $400! I think I’ll just put the money that I was saving for the frame, towards my car savings.

Contradicting what I was originally saying, the other morning I bought a butt-load off the Abercrombie’s Women’s Clearance section online.  Gah, I love a good sale. I got a sick amount of clothes for < $100 (under a hundred is key, here folks. If you go over $100 in your shopping bag, you’re slapped with a shipping charge much larger.)

I put together a little image of what I purchased. So happy! Check it out:

Initially I had picked out a nice red tee (like the top left yellow one) but I forgot to add it to my cart. Oh well! It all arrived two days after I hit “purchase now!” and I’m wearing my striped green one today. Yipper! I may return the $18.90 shirt. It looks weird. I also purchased three items from Hollister, but am too lazy to put together another image. Shame on me…

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  1. i want to shop :) you drive me crazy sometimes with all your shopping, when i have no possibility for shopping, lol.
    but i like all the clothes you bought :)

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