Weather permitting…

I swear. The weather better cooperate with my plans on the second last weekend in February or I will freak. BFF is driving down to my place, from Ottawa for a good ol’ shopping bonanza with yours truly. I’m super stoked, as she’ll be staying at my place with my roomies. Hope they’re okay with it. Haven’t asked them yet. One of them (who somewhat looks after the house) told me it would be okay for my boyfriend to stay over. But why would I do that when we can have an apartment to ourselves at his place? Back on topic. I rarely get to see my best friend. Ever since we both moved to Ontario, from Newfoundland (she’s 6hrs away), I see her maybe two times a year!

Anyway, I’ll bring it up to them in the next little while. But oooh. I’ve got stuff planned out already! She’ll arrive on a Saturday, and from there we can go to Toronto that day, or do some shopping in the city on Sunday. But Sunday’s a lot of places are closed, which is bummer—but whatev, it’ll suffice if that’s the plan. When J & I get together, we know how to have fun. hehe! Usually I bus it into Toronto by myself, since there aren’t many female acquaintances that I am… acquainted with (?). Which is cool, I don’t mind shopping by myself, in fact I’m pretty used to it! Having someone there with me will be different. A good different.

So, yayyyyy for that!

This reminds me. I need to stock up on groceries then for her arrival! I eat poorly 3 days out of the week when I’m at my own place. Cooking for one? Not so fun!

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