Mosaic Staircase in San Francisco


When my husband and I drove to San Francisco the other weekend, I wanted to make sure we had a few fun things lined up after he was finished racing. Including an outfit of the day. Hehe!

Rightfully so, people assume California is hot and sunny year round. While I thought that too, upon moving to the sunny state I was a little incorrect. Yes, the sun certainly shines what seems like 360 days out of the year, but it’s not always a warm day — especially if you head up to San Francisco.

Now living here almost a year and a half I can tell you what Northern California’s weather truly is like. I find that the weather rarely goes above 25-28*C during the summer months, and it certainly cools down in the winter. This winter I did an outfit of the day on an unusually warm day back in January. I was roasting. But for the most part you could easily wear a hoody layered under a lightweight jacket paired with some comfortable Uggs. Basically, my uniform.

Since it’s warming up I thought I was overdue for another outfit of the day. More of these coming soon, since I miss them so much! Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed putting this together for you guys!


Bench-outfit-with-backpackAs for the photos of me hanging around right outside someone’s house in San Francisco, posing for pictures next to this super colourful flower vine thing growing around their garage. No biggie. This was just the street we parked on for my husband’s Escape From Alcatraz triathlon. But when you find a primo parking space at 3:30 in the morning, you grab it and look for a coffee shop, not look around your surroundings and see what’s pretty.

Bench-Canada-in-CaliforniaBut when you walk back to the car, you’re all like. Whoa hey, didn’t see that this morning. Let’s take a picture here before heading to the hidden staircase! Then you’re husband is all like “really? In front of someone’s house? What if they come home?” Pfth, they’re not going to … c’maaan. And just as we were finishing up, the owners of the house opened their garage and pulled in. Not that it matters I was posing, I wasn’t inside their house robbin’ it or nothin now.

SF-OOTDGoogle and Yelp are a fantastic resource for us, especially living in a new country. Google’d the heck out of “hidden secrets of San Francisco” and it came up with this mosaic staircase on 16th and Moraga.

Crowded-mosaic-stairsWhich, mind you… was not so hidden, nor secret. By the jeeze I swear everyone and their mother was out taking photos of this set of stairs that Sunday afternoon.

SF-Hidden-StairsAnd that’s when my layers came off. It was super chilly obviously before the sun rose and I was down by the water watching my husband race. Once the event was done, and we were walking around a bit more I only ended up needing my jacket and a tee underneath.

SF-hidden-StaircasesWe had patience, and waited until there were either a few or zero people in the photo, and snapped away. All while apologizing, Canadian style, while people waited for us to take our snaps, then it was their turn. “Oh so sorry! Sorry, let me get out of your way!”. Ha!

Anyway! Onto a few more pictures and outfit details.




What we didn’t expect was a nice trail up the street from the hidden stair case, with incredible views of San Francisco. A little foggy, but that’s the City for you.San-Francisco-skyline




Funzo-in-SFMe and my fancy pants, and a final picture in my true form, just to make you laugh or smile :)

Outfit details
 Sunnies: Ardene | Jacket: Bench Canada | Top underneath: Costco
Sneakers: Nike | Leggings: Bench Canada | Backpack: The North Face


Have an awesome rest of your day!

Disclaimer: Bench Canada gave me a gift card to shop on their website and that’s where I picked out the jacket and leggings!



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  1. That staircase is amazing. If I ever make it to San Fran one day, I am definitely going to make it a point to go see it.

  2. I took the girls to the Moraga stairs a few weeks back when there was a day off school here in Berkeley. Not a single other person on them almost the whole time we were there! I guess the trick is to go on a Monday before Summer vacation starts! ;)
    We didn’t explore any further once we reached the top so we missed that little trail. Will definitely have to check it out next time we’re there.
    Sally from Little Hiccups recently posted..Panning for GoldMy Profile

  3. Your outfit looks so comfy and something I would wear. I love all your pictures, they came out really nice.

  4. If you guys come back, there’s a freshly finished set of beautifully mosaiced stairs in the Outer Richmond! We’ve been waiting (not so) patiently for them to be finished.

  5. Wow! That is one beautiful staircase. Love all the colors. I am sure you were in “awe” when you seen it in person. Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow, there stairs are very lovely and there designs are very creative. I want to go there and take a selfie.

  7. That mosaic staircase is absolutely gorgeous! How creative! Visiting San Fran is definitely on our bucket list. I hope we get to visit someday.

  8. the images are great! Great post and information. The mosaic are great! Hopefully one day in the near future when I visit San Francisco I’ll have the great pleasure to go where you went

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