Mitchells-Cove-headerI have to rant for about a paragraph, then I’ll be done.

Yesterday I took Alfie to Mitchell’s Cove Beach in Santa Cruz, it’s an off leash dog beach that is quite secluded and safe for dogs to run around and not go back up to the main road. We were in the Santa Cruz area for a good couple of hours and I took a ton of footage on my “vlogging camera” (aka 8 year old pixelated canon that I really love but is such poor quality). 3 hours of editing, getting music right and finding free royalty-free music to use. It still won’t save. I guess I need to get out of the stone age and use something other than windows movie maker. I’m trying to keep up the vlogging every Monday and Wednesday. And if you’re new to the word vlog/vlogging, it basically means video-bloggging. Exactly what I’m doing here on spiffykerms but in video format. A more “follow me around” type of deal. You can check out my YouTube channel here if you want, there’s 3 videos that went live already.

Alright, let’s get into the fun stuff. Mitchell’s Cove Beach with Alfie!








After we spent an hour or so at Mitchell’s Cove dog beach, we drove up W. Cliff Drive for about a kilometer or so and went to the main boardwalk area. That’s when we scoped out some surfers!! I still can’t believe it, it’s so cool seeing them down in the water trying to catch some waves. Alfie and I arrived there around 10:30 in the morning, so I’m not sure if it was too early/too late but the surfers were waiting quite a bit for some waves. Hence the lack of fun surfing pictures.

The boardwalk area of Santa Cruz is quite popular with the tourists, myself included. There’s a seaside amusement park, which of course doesn’t allow pets – understandbaly. But we had a grand ol’ walk from edge to edge, and checked out one of the bridges. So you get a selfie of Alfie and I :)

About to head back up to the Bay Area. But first, I had to show you an adorable snap of Alfie hanging out the window (crying) for fear I was going to leave him. I was snappin’ shots of this Toyota Camry I have for reviewing purposes for about a week. Fun hey?! I’m wondering if all review cars from Toyota are going to be red?! ;) Alfie-in-Toyota-Camry

Enjoy your weekend. Go explore!

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  1. What a beautiful view and blue water!! I want to go there!! I like all of your pics, I’m glad you had a fun experienced.

  2. Aww Alfie so cute. That is so awesome that they have beach that dogs can be unleashed. So cool.

  3. Awe your Pom is so cute. I wish we had a dog friendly beach around here. It would be so much fun to go to with our fur babies.

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