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Loyal readers of mine, I need your help. I saw this beautiful bed frame online at a place called jysk, and found out that there wasn’t a store near me, so I called the closest store which happens to be in Hamilton. Not cool! Shipping to deliver to my city would’ve been $130! HAH. Is that not incredible? Obviously, I said thanks but no thanks, and hung up the phone. I found a pretty close replica of the bed frame on Ikea’s website! Huzzahh, love their discount furniture. I already have a few minor things from Ikea but I need your opinion on which color bed frame I should order! I already have the black/brown coffee table which will go in my bedroom at the foot of my bed (shown on your right), but I also have a super cute mini night table (on the left and I have to add that it looks so much nicer in person) in a different brown color! Here are the shades of the bed frame shown below!

Halp! I love them all!! I was thinking the black/brown color because it’s so nice and sleek, but the first one, the medium brown color looks warm and rich. Then the light color. Well isn’t that one just wonderful too? But I doubt I’d be purchasing that once since I’ll be throwing all my design ideas right out the window. I can’t have 3 different colors of wood surrounding my bed. That would just not look nice. Anyway I’m not sure. Hmm hmm hmm..

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  1. oh my gosh Nancy, I purchased the dark brown-black one right after Xmas because I got this amazing new mattress. It looks INCREDIBLE! It is so nice and sexy :)
    Im buying the whole matching bedroom set. I freaking love it.

  2. I’m not even sure I can buy it now. I called this afternoon…I can’t get to Ikea anytime right now, and apparently the bedframe is $249, not $209 advertised on the site. So in order to get them to deliver it to my place, it’ll be $404 in total. Dang. So either I forget about it or I wait until summer when I’ll have access to a car, heh.

  3. what the hell? which store did you call???

    the bed is 189$
    but then you need to buy a midbeam for it to hold the slats and that’s $20

    so that comes to the 209$ on the web.

    but then you need to get slats for it so you can put your mattress on the bed. and for the queen size it’s 60$

    so in total my bed cost me $269 plus tax – $305.

    i drive to the burlington one.

  4. I actually called the Burlington one, because it’s closest.

    What size did you get??? I was looking at the double/queen cause I have a double sized bed, which was $209 on the web but she said the slots for the bottom makes it come to $249. Delivery was like $109, add tax to it all and it came to four hundred.


    I can’t believe you scored it for $189!? I need to rent a car. I bet that’s cheaper……..

  5. i got a queen. its humongous,

    on the web it says 209$ because it includs the midbeam in the price. the bed wont work without it.

    my slats were 60$ for a queen, it’s like $40 or $50 for a double. the king slats were $70. i had to drive back the next day because i bought the king slats instead of the queen by accident :(

    does the delivery include them building it for you?

  6. I highly doubt it comes with people assembling it for me! I think that costs extra, or so it says on the website.

    Maybe I’ll go to the furniture store down by the terminal, seems pretty classic looking down there. Plus, I may get a nice(r) one for the same price range.

    I was so hooked on that ikea one.

  7. I would choose the one on the right. It’s lovely. Watch out Ikea, to me it has drugn alike effects, I can never give it up!!!!!!!

  8. Sorry, posting so late on this! I have that night stand / little side table as well, and the Hopen bed (the one that looks like a park bench at the headboard) to match. I believe the brown of this bed and the one on the left are the same. I happen to love it – it is nice and warm, and I think pretty versatile.

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